my finger hurts now.

So I headed down to the basement to work out – I’ve been doing Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred DVD. As far as the workout goes, it’s great! I’ve done nearly all of levels 1 and 2. You’re supposed to do 10 days of each level (there are three levels). I’m definitely feeling stronger, and there’s a bit of a visual difference as well, although I haven’t really lost any weight or anything. Today was going to be day 10 of level 2!

I picked up my shoes to put them on…and felt something sharp. I thought it was just something sharp in my shoe (I still had to put my orthotics in them) but then the pain increased! I dropped my shoes and saw…a wasp.

I got stung in the finger, an important knitting finger (left pinky; I knit continental) by a wasp hiding in my shoe in my own house.

And now I can’t work out (need hands for pushups and holding weights!) or knit.

This sucks. It also hurts!






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  1. Nancy Avatar

    Years ago I was visiting a client at their home and when I went to sit down I felt a pinch. I thought maybe there was a sliver or that maybe there was a gap in the chair that pinched me. I jumped up and then felt silly so sat back down and felt the jab again. It wasn’t until I got home and found a hard mass in the back of my leg that I realized I must of sat on a wasp…I imagine your finger will hurt. Hopefully it gets better soon

  2. mai Avatar

    oh my gosh, OUCh! that stinks :( i hope it heals quickly.

  3. Maryse Avatar

    Yyyyyh! Ouch! Hope it heals very fast!

  4. Lyssa Avatar

    A useful tip from my high school chemistry class: try putting a paste of baking soda on the sting. Bees (and wasps) sting with a very strong acid (about 10 Molar HCl), and baking soda is a strong basic solution, and so should help neutralize the effects of the sting.

    Hope that helps!
    Lyssa (first-time poster, long-time lurker)

  5. Elspeth Avatar

    That’s horrible! No knitting? A few years ago I stepped on a bee in my apartment – that really hurt, but at least I could knit ;)

  6. marri Avatar

    oh no! hope the swelling and pain abate soon!

  7. Allegra Avatar

    Oh no! I hope your finger gets better soon! in time for MDSW, at least! I just ordered Jillian’s DVD while reading this post. Thanks! I can’t wait to get started on it.

  8. mary Avatar

    I have no tips, but offer a stories. My nephew was out in the backyard playing, and stepped on a bee. My brother was also out in said backyard, and was stung at the back of his neck. We were starting to wonder why bees were committing suicide in the backyard. Maybe there are other good knitting related activities you can do while waiting for it to heal.

  9. mary Avatar

    uh… please ignore the “a” in “a stories”

  10. debra Avatar

    my son took a drink from a fizzy drink can and got a mouthful of wasps!! They stung all the inside of his mouth…forunately he didn’t swallow any

  11. debra Avatar

    they stung all the inside of his mouth. fortunately he didn’t swallowany

  12. Rebecca Z Avatar
    Rebecca Z

    I second the baking soda paste — or if you’re out in the wild, a mud paste will do. Put it on thick, and let it dry completely before removing. Repeat if necessary; it will draw the stinger and poisons out.

  13. Allison Avatar

    Not the knitting finger! I hope it heals up quickly (and I’m relieved you aren’t allergic). PS: I (heart) Jillian Michaels. I’d like to look like her when I grow up.

  14. Red Avatar

    Oh…Ouch! Sympathies.

  15. Katie W Avatar

    I’ve had the same happen to me (right index finger, though). I knit continental as well… that pinky finger is important!

  16. Alicia Avatar

    Ow!!! What are the odds of that happening – especially to a knitter?! I hope you get better soon!

  17. Cheryl from Creemore Avatar
    Cheryl from Creemore

    Very sorry about your nasty sting. Hope it gets better soon.

    Perhaps since you can’t knit or workout, you could tell us about the “new to you” wheel. Which Majacraft stole your heart?

  18. julia Avatar

    Aaak! Here’s to a speedy recovery!

  19. Knittripps Avatar

    Oh no! I hope you are feeling better soon.

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