Month: August 2008

  • what’s this?

    This is another project I started, oh, I guess a week and a half ago now? About the same time I started that little black sweater I posted about. Which was completed on Sunday, by the way, but really needs to be blocked – I hope to get some photos of it this weekend, if […]

  • oh, that new project smell!

    I think I was feeling really lost about my knitting projects because I was just so bored with doing the same ones for so long! Cast on for something new and it just speeds along – the 5.5 mm needles probably help, too. Friday morning… Saturday morning… And this, well, afternoon since I got up […]

  • raising the profile

    Well, it’s rather late and I meant to post earlier – but then I got all caught up in watching Doctor Who (the new series; I’m on season 2 and rather starting to like David Tennant) and here I am. I seem to have gotten back some of my knitting mojo of late – I […]