what’s this?

This is another project I started, oh, I guess a week and a half ago now? About the same time I started that little black sweater I posted about. Which was completed on Sunday, by the way, but really needs to be blocked – I hope to get some photos of it this weekend, if it’s not too hot!

Anyway, new project – using AllHemp6 lux, again.

mystery project


It’s a skirt!

hemp skirt progress

A spiral strip, assembled as you go (like Norah Gaughan’s Roundabout Tank). It’s got a pretty great ruffley-ness going on at the bottom, and I’m up to about the hips. Probably one more full revolution around as I decrease, then picking up stitches for the waistband. It’s actually coming along really quickly – I thought it was going to be a bit of a slog but it’s actually really fun to knit! Mindless enough (you’re just working back and forth on the same couple stitches) but the fabric builds up pretty quickly.

(And in case it’s not really clear, the colour’s a deep military olive green. Love!)

I love knitted skirts, and I think this one is going to be awesome in the fall with some tights and boots!

oh, that new project smell!

I think I was feeling really lost about my knitting projects because I was just so bored with doing the same ones for so long! Cast on for something new and it just speeds along – the 5.5 mm needles probably help, too.

Friday morning…

quickie cardigan

Saturday morning…

yoke done...

And this, well, afternoon since I got up so late…

...and a sleeve

It’s just a simple top-down cardigan – it’s going to be short, because I’m light on yarn, but I’ve got an idea for the shape that I’m hoping will work out. We’ll see – I wanted to do the sleeves first so I could use up every last scrap of yarn for the body! I’m now done that second sleeve and I’m moving on the body.

I love the yarn, too – it’s Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Aran, and while I know it isn’t going to wear very well, it’s awfully soft! Mmmmm.

In other yarn news,

STR "lettuce knit"

Socks that Rock lightweight in our very own “lettuce knit” colourway is in at the store! A pretty decent amount of yarn came, but it’s going fast – if you want one by mail order, give me a call (number’s on the website) and I’ll see what I can do!

raising the profile

Well, it’s rather late and I meant to post earlier – but then I got all caught up in watching Doctor Who (the new series; I’m on season 2 and rather starting to like David Tennant) and here I am.

I seem to have gotten back some of my knitting mojo of late – I think I was just tired of everything I was knitting, but really needed to do it anyway! I’ve cast on for 2 new projects and they’re both going nice and quick. Photos of them soon.

What I really came by to tell you about are some (rather random) print happenings for me!

First up, I’ve got a pattern in Shannon Okey’s new book, alt fiber – it’s a long jacket in linen stitch, knit with hemp. Yeah, that took awhile. I don’t have any photos at the moment but hopefully Shannon will be able to send some over!

alt fiber

Next up, totally unbeknownst to me until I read the magazine, I got shout outs in the article on knitting in Canada! From the most famous knitter. Pays to know people! (Thanks dude. I totally owe you homemade peanut butter cups.)

ETA: Oops, I don’t know how I didn’t say the magazine! It’s the fall 2008 Vogue Knitting!

14.365 - Vogue!

Second mention in the same article, about Canadian bloggers…hey! I know those other names! (And one in particular who isn’t Canadian – I wonder where they got that from?!)

more Vogue mention

I’m so happy to be making a bit of an impact, and so glad that there’s such a great community of knitters. I don’t know where I’d be without you!