Month: August 2008

  • grrrr

    My flight out tonight to Edinburgh was delayed by SIX HOURS, form 8 pm to 2 am! So instead of being on a plane, I’m at home in my pjs still (headed out to the airport around eleven). Could be worse – I could be stuck in the airport! Good things: at least I found […]

  • Waffles!

    The Waffles! pattern is now live! Sweater of champions! Clad your baby, toddler, child or youth in this fun, easy to knit pullover. Knit from the top down, raglan style, in a stretchy and easy to memorize waffle stitch pattern, Waffles also features twisted rib details and an optional button placket collar. Two size bundles […]

  • little black whatchamacallit

    Well, it only took four days to knit this little sweater, but over a week since then to block, photograph and blog about it! Oh well. My own pattern, just a simple top-down raglan bolero/shrug thing with half-length sleeves and curved fronts. I had the yarn lying around and really wanted a simple super soft, […]