what’s this?

This is another project I started, oh, I guess a week and a half ago now? About the same time I started that little black sweater I posted about. Which was completed on Sunday, by the way, but really needs to be blocked – I hope to get some photos of it this weekend, if it’s not too hot!

Anyway, new project – using AllHemp6 lux, again.

mystery project


It’s a skirt!

hemp skirt progress

A spiral strip, assembled as you go (like Norah Gaughan’s Roundabout Tank). It’s got a pretty great ruffley-ness going on at the bottom, and I’m up to about the hips. Probably one more full revolution around as I decrease, then picking up stitches for the waistband. It’s actually coming along really quickly – I thought it was going to be a bit of a slog but it’s actually really fun to knit! Mindless enough (you’re just working back and forth on the same couple stitches) but the fabric builds up pretty quickly.

(And in case it’s not really clear, the colour’s a deep military olive green. Love!)

I love knitted skirts, and I think this one is going to be awesome in the fall with some tights and boots!






8 responses to “what’s this?”

  1. Susannah Avatar

    That looks fun!! Can’t wait to see if finished!

  2. gleek Avatar

    oh! that is so cool! i love the construction of it.

  3. Cobbalicious Avatar

    Good heavens, woman. You knit like the wind.

  4. Ruth Avatar

    What a great idea! I love that sort of construction – very organic.

  5. Cassy Avatar

    I can’t wait to see the finished product! You make the coolest stuff.

  6. Seanna Lea Avatar

    That’s a great idea! I love that tank, but I’ve never gotten around to making it (I started it once, but was so gloriously off gauge that I was going to have a top for a barbie doll).

  7. Susan Avatar

    What a cool skirt idea! Is that your design? Are you planning to write up a pattern for it? Can’t wait to see the FO!

  8. Dr. Steph Avatar

    Oooooooo! It’s looking so good.

    And in hemp too!

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