Month: April 2008

  • in progress

    Knitting: Just needs the other sleeve sewn in. And the ends. And buttons. And a good blocking. Spinning: About 700 yards of fingering weight merino/silk. Off the wheel, technically! But it’s the first completed yarn I’ve made in months. Gardening: A mini bed in front of my back deck. I’m not doing the allotment garden […]

  • to the victor…

    After some sitting around yesterday morning, my dad gave me a ride over to the Frolic around 12:30 or so – later than I would’ve liked, but still plenty of time to walk around (and around and around). It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but once I got started, I found it much easier to spend […]

  • crap on a stick

    Well. The TTC workers’ union is on strike. For those who don’t know, the Toronto Transit Commission is our public transportation system and the only way to get around for a LOT of people. It’s for the most part reliable, comfortable, fair to navigate and gets you where you want to go for $2.75 (less […]