in progress


one-armed Manos

Just needs the other sleeve sewn in. And the ends. And buttons. And a good blocking.



About 700 yards of fingering weight merino/silk. Off the wheel, technically! But it’s the first completed yarn I’ve made in months.


small veggie bed

A mini bed in front of my back deck. I’m not doing the allotment garden this year (too big, too much work by myself, not sure if I’ll be around all summer) but I am trying to get my crops in among my parents’ plants! This area was pretty sad, a few raspberry offshoots (scraggly ones) and not much else. So I dug up the plants (very tough) and planted about four feet of shelling peas in double rows and four feet of “mammoth melting” snow peas against the deck. Then in front of them I planted green onions, coriander (cilantro) and chives. I need some kind of border stones or something…

tomato seedlings

Tomatoes, of course – I’m rather behind this year but I think I’m ok. Varieties: Purple Calabash, Eva Purple Ball, White Queen (they’re white!), Tigerella, Matt’s Wild Cherry.


oh yeah

Buffy Season 8, Volume 1. Oh yeah.

to the victor…

After some sitting around yesterday morning, my dad gave me a ride over to the Frolic around 12:30 or so – later than I would’ve liked, but still plenty of time to walk around (and around and around). It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but once I got started, I found it much easier to spend :p

Wanna see?

frolic: merino DK

Merino DK in a positively luminous chocolate brown, from The Black Lamb.

frolic: batts

Also from The Black Lamb, some mixed batts. I love her batts!

frolic: sumputuous chunky

From In the Loop, Fyberspates BFL/silk blend. Dude, this yarn is the softest. yarn. ever.

frolic: lorna's laces

Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Douglas Fir for the Butterscotch Cardigan from the current Interweave Crochet (yep, crochet!), from Red Bird Knits.

frolic: japanese pattern books

And finally, some awesome Japanese pattern books from the Fiddlesticks/Needle Arts Bookshop booth. Seriously, they are awesome. I want the book with Am Kamin in it, but SOMEone picked it up first! ;)

Obviously I picked up a LOT of yarn (a sweater’s worth of each), but I still wanted more! This olive green Koigu Mori is still on my mind, as is some Indigo Moon sock yarn. Ah, well. There’ll always be more yarn.

After the Frolic was over, the lettuce knit crew packed up the car in record time and headed back down to the store for Amy and Jillian’s book launch. The cupcakes were fab, the sushi was yummy, and the company was awesome. Unfortunately I came down with an acute case of camnesia for the entire day, but I’m sure there’ll be photos floating around out there. And I did indeed get a ride home with the fabulous Rachel H.

All in all, a fantastic day. Now that I’ve had my break, it’s back to work for me!

crap on a stick

Well. The TTC workers’ union is on strike.

For those who don’t know, the Toronto Transit Commission is our public transportation system and the only way to get around for a LOT of people. It’s for the most part reliable, comfortable, fair to navigate and gets you where you want to go for $2.75 (less if you buy tokens or tickets, with day, week and month passes available too). We’re talking 1.5 million riders PER DAY.
I don’t really drive, and even if I had a full driver’s license I don’t have a car, and I go basically everywhere by TTC. To get to lettuce knit, I take a 5 minute bus to the subway station, 2 subway lines (35 minutes or so) and a streetcar. Takes me about an hour, but I can nap or knit or whatever.

Tonight I was on my way home from downtown around 11:30, when I found out that the TTC was going on strike at midnight. Subway trains were being pulled out of service, buses were going out of service as they were coming into the station. Luckily I a) knew what was going on and b) was able to be picked up from the station in relatively short order. The TTC and the union had reached a tentative deal last Sunday that averted a strike on Monday (hell for all the commuters) but it was rejected tonight in the vote by the union. So the workers walked off the job. They’re expected to be legislated back to work by Monday.

So what’s this mean for this weekend? Well, the annual Knitter’s Frolic is tomorrow, and this certainly tangles it all up! I don’t really have any way to get there without the subway. I can get a ride from my parents maybe, but they have their own plans and such for the day. Plus, the traffic is going to be hell. Tons of knitters were relying on the TTC to get to the Frolic, and now? Well, there are a few carpools being set up on Ravelry, but since the word came so late, I think a lot of people will be waking up tomorrow and being extremely surprised. Cabs to the venue from downtown are VERY expensive (at least $50 or more) and will be hard to come by, to say the least.

And then there’s Amy and Jillian’s book launch down at lettuce knit. That’s downtown, at least, so it’s bikeable or even walkable for some people. But I’d bet that the vast majority of the people who planned to attend were planning to take the TTC.

Me? Well, I think my plan is: get a ride to the Frolic, then get a ride back down to the store for the book launch (this ride was planned already), then… a ride back home with someone? Rachel H.? Someone else? I don’t know.

Well. This was a rather long and pictureless post. I guess I’m just frustrated! How the hell am I supposed to get around?!

P.S. Please forgive any wonky code or anything, I just upgraded my WordPress installation (hurrah for easy upgrades) and am still figuring things out.