crap on a stick

Well. The TTC workers’ union is on strike.

For those who don’t know, the Toronto Transit Commission is our public transportation system and the only way to get around for a LOT of people. It’s for the most part reliable, comfortable, fair to navigate and gets you where you want to go for $2.75 (less if you buy tokens or tickets, with day, week and month passes available too). We’re talking 1.5 million riders PER DAY.
I don’t really drive, and even if I had a full driver’s license I don’t have a car, and I go basically everywhere by TTC. To get to lettuce knit, I take a 5 minute bus to the subway station, 2 subway lines (35 minutes or so) and a streetcar. Takes me about an hour, but I can nap or knit or whatever.

Tonight I was on my way home from downtown around 11:30, when I found out that the TTC was going on strike at midnight. Subway trains were being pulled out of service, buses were going out of service as they were coming into the station. Luckily I a) knew what was going on and b) was able to be picked up from the station in relatively short order. The TTC and the union had reached a tentative deal last Sunday that averted a strike on Monday (hell for all the commuters) but it was rejected tonight in the vote by the union. So the workers walked off the job. They’re expected to be legislated back to work by Monday.

So what’s this mean for this weekend? Well, the annual Knitter’s Frolic is tomorrow, and this certainly tangles it all up! I don’t really have any way to get there without the subway. I can get a ride from my parents maybe, but they have their own plans and such for the day. Plus, the traffic is going to be hell. Tons of knitters were relying on the TTC to get to the Frolic, and now? Well, there are a few carpools being set up on Ravelry, but since the word came so late, I think a lot of people will be waking up tomorrow and being extremely surprised. Cabs to the venue from downtown are VERY expensive (at least $50 or more) and will be hard to come by, to say the least.

And then there’s Amy and Jillian’s book launch down at lettuce knit. That’s downtown, at least, so it’s bikeable or even walkable for some people. But I’d bet that the vast majority of the people who planned to attend were planning to take the TTC.

Me? Well, I think my plan is: get a ride to the Frolic, then get a ride back down to the store for the book launch (this ride was planned already), then… a ride back home with someone? Rachel H.? Someone else? I don’t know.

Well. This was a rather long and pictureless post. I guess I’m just frustrated! How the hell am I supposed to get around?!

P.S. Please forgive any wonky code or anything, I just upgraded my WordPress installation (hurrah for easy upgrades) and am still figuring things out.






10 responses to “crap on a stick”

  1. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    I can bring you home from the LK party tonight. No worries.

  2. Kim Avatar

    Where are you? There’s a carpooling thread on Ravelry in the GTA forum. I found a ride that way. Depending on where you’re coming from, I can see if she has more room.

  3. mezzodiva Avatar

    I am stranded too – hoping I can find a ride over the the frolic and the booklaunch later when I get off work around noon. Taking a taxi to work, but can’t afford one to the frolic. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth here last night!

  4. Bridget Avatar

    That really sucks! I rely on my feet or public transportation to get around, and when there is a strike or some other problem around here, I’m really screwed.

    I hope you can make your arrangements – it’s worse when you had fun things planned!

  5. shannon Avatar

    Did you end up making it okay? I actually went to the frolic this year and it was my first time. WOWSA good shopping.

    Hope you had your rides all worked out.

  6. Samantha Avatar

    Geez, that sucks. Good luck!

  7. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    Oh, that is maddening! I hope they get it worked out soon. Until then, good luck!

  8. Mary Kay Avatar

    I have been where you are many times. Living in Phila., Pa. most people use public transportation for work and/or events. So frustrating! Good Luck! Let us know what happened.

  9. Carol Avatar

    I took a cab, but was quite peeved to hear DKC officials saying that the strike shouldn’t affect them because ‘no one really takes transit to this location’.

    Been doing it since they moved to this site, and hope they keep public transit in mind when selecting a new venue.

    Not everyone drives!

  10. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I can completely understand. I don’t drive (umm, don’t know how), so I take either public transit or my feet everywhere. I think that if the Boston area public transit went on strike that I would have to work from home. There would just be no way for me to get to the office.

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