FO: noro shawl-with-sleeves

Snappy name, no? Heh.

noro wrap

Pattern: my own
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden, col. 269, 9 skeins (more like 8.5)
Needles: Denise 6.5 mm

This was a quick, easy knit! I’ve wanted to make something like this for a long time – it’s just a rectangle with sleeves attached. Kate’s got an accurate sketch of the idea here! My version has seed stitch borders and knit-in seamless sleeves.

I started knitting on much smaller needles, maybe 4.5? Then I realized that a) it would require way more yarn than I was willing to buy and b) it wasn’t drapey enough. So I went up a couple needle sizes, downsized the numbers and it worked out great. For the sleeves, I knit in waste yarn and later picked it out and used the live stitches for the sleeves.

noro wrap, closed

A bunch of people tried it on at knit night Wednesday – lots of love for the natural-colour noro! I love this sweater and have worn it a few times already. I wear it closed with a shawl pin most of the time. I was on my way out the door in these photos – I know it’s nice to see how knit projects do in their actual environment! I was wearing a plain long-sleeved tee from Reitmans, a cool grey skirt, and knee high boots with legwarmers tucked in. I’m not usually so style-y.

And yes, I’ll be writing up the pattern – sit tight! This one’s a pretty easy one to write up, but I do have to think a bit about sizing and, well, I don’t have a lot of time right now! Hence the rather long delays between postings (for me, anyway).

Stay warm.

rhinebeck wrap-up, vol. 2

Not so much with the words today, so click on through for a lowdown on what I done got. I didn’t take photos of things I gave to other people, and yeah, that last one in the corner there was a bit of a surprise. But ooh, shiny.

Rhinebeck 2007

1. grafton fibres needles, 2. cormo/silk, 3. merino/tencel, 4. merino/silk, 5. coppery merino, 6. pretties, 7. merino, 8. merino oro, 9. new goodies

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

It was lovely fun. Coming soon – FOs, and a new project or two!

rhinebeck wrap-up, vol. 1

Well. What’s there to say about Rhinebeck that hasn’t been said already – great weather, cute sheep, lots of people, lots of yummy yarn and fibre, etc. etc. I really needed the weekend away following a pretty shitty week (breakup), and my buds Jaya and rachel m. were just the ticket (along with some retail therapy).

super cute jaya and rachel

They’s so cute!

So, my Rhinebeck story – rachel had a wedding to go to on Friday afternoon, so I took the train to St. Catherines and she picked me up there (after some getting lost trying to find the station). We hit the border (and a very surly border guard) around nine pm, then had the longest drive ever into oblivion, in the rain – we got to Jaya’s in Catskill at three am!

Up at a reasonable hour on Saturday, we left at nine and headed for the fairgrounds. It was nice to get in before the crowds really started building, although that didn’t last long! I was a bit overwhelmed at first, and it took a bit for me to hit my buying stride…heh.

I was glad I brought 2 big shopping totes with me so that I didn’t really have to get any plastic bags! I was also glad to see other people toting around reuseable totes rather than getting shopping bags everywhere (although there were lots of people doing that, too). More than one person asked me where I got my bag – we’ve got them at lettuce knit, and yes, we do mail order!

I did most of my buying on Saturday amidst the crazy crowds, and we headed out pretty early, around four thirty or so? Went back to jaya’s comfy, comfy home and had pizza in before heading out the Ravelry party. Sadly, saturday was a day of camnesia for me and I didn’t really take any photos at all that day. The party was nuts, but it was nice to say hi to a few more people that I’d missed at the fairgrounds.


Sunday we slept in until almost ten, and jaya made fabulous waffles with strawberries (and sausage for the meat-eaters) and then we headed out. We caught the tail end of the noon meetup, and I remembered to take photos this time…


Mama rav herself!

Sunday was a nice low-key day – the crowds were way smaller and everything was quite a bit more chill. We hit the food building and bought stuff (olive oil, wine, cheese, mustard for me), sampled a lot, and then wandered around some more, including checking out the author’s tent. We left around four, and that was Rhinebeck!

lean oooover

Jacquie and Stephannie leaning oooooover, while Adrian checks out something afar.

Monday jaya and her hubby both had morning things to do, so rachel and I let ourselves out – the drive home was much, much, MUCH more pleasant than the drive down, complete with nice and quick border crossing. The weekend was awesome, of course, but I’m pretty glad to be home (I’m sure my bank account is, too).

Next time…the haul. Yes, it was quite a haul indeed.