Not so much with the words today, so click on through for a lowdown on what I done got. I didn’t take photos of things I gave to other people, and yeah, that last one in the corner there was a bit of a surprise. But ooh, shiny.

Rhinebeck 2007

1. grafton fibres needles, 2. cormo/silk, 3. merino/tencel, 4. merino/silk, 5. coppery merino, 6. pretties, 7. merino, 8. merino oro, 9. new goodies

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It was lovely fun. Coming soon – FOs, and a new project or two!

6 Responses to “rhinebeck wrap-up, vol. 2”

  1. Rachel H

    Great job with the shopping. The fact that your last purchase there is included with the fibrey ones amuses me more than it probably should…

  2. Julia

    Ooo…thanks for sharing. I shopped vicariously. I love your needles, I’m going to check out the Flickr toy. =)

  3. Marie

    How interesting to see what someone who works at a great yarn shop buys at a festival! Thanks for the peek onto your shopping bag!

    Btw I love that you took totes along rather than taking bags from the vendors.


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