rhinebeck wrap-up, vol. 1

Well. What’s there to say about Rhinebeck that hasn’t been said already – great weather, cute sheep, lots of people, lots of yummy yarn and fibre, etc. etc. I really needed the weekend away following a pretty shitty week (breakup), and my buds Jaya and rachel m. were just the ticket (along with some retail therapy).

super cute jaya and rachel

They’s so cute!

So, my Rhinebeck story – rachel had a wedding to go to on Friday afternoon, so I took the train to St. Catherines and she picked me up there (after some getting lost trying to find the station). We hit the border (and a very surly border guard) around nine pm, then had the longest drive ever into oblivion, in the rain – we got to Jaya’s in Catskill at three am!

Up at a reasonable hour on Saturday, we left at nine and headed for the fairgrounds. It was nice to get in before the crowds really started building, although that didn’t last long! I was a bit overwhelmed at first, and it took a bit for me to hit my buying stride…heh.

I was glad I brought 2 big shopping totes with me so that I didn’t really have to get any plastic bags! I was also glad to see other people toting around reuseable totes rather than getting shopping bags everywhere (although there were lots of people doing that, too). More than one person asked me where I got my bag – we’ve got them at lettuce knit, and yes, we do mail order!

I did most of my buying on Saturday amidst the crazy crowds, and we headed out pretty early, around four thirty or so? Went back to jaya’s comfy, comfy home and had pizza in before heading out the Ravelry party. Sadly, saturday was a day of camnesia for me and I didn’t really take any photos at all that day. The party was nuts, but it was nice to say hi to a few more people that I’d missed at the fairgrounds.


Sunday we slept in until almost ten, and jaya made fabulous waffles with strawberries (and sausage for the meat-eaters) and then we headed out. We caught the tail end of the noon meetup, and I remembered to take photos this time…


Mama rav herself!

Sunday was a nice low-key day – the crowds were way smaller and everything was quite a bit more chill. We hit the food building and bought stuff (olive oil, wine, cheese, mustard for me), sampled a lot, and then wandered around some more, including checking out the author’s tent. We left around four, and that was Rhinebeck!

lean oooover

Jacquie and Stephannie leaning oooooover, while Adrian checks out something afar.

Monday jaya and her hubby both had morning things to do, so rachel and I let ourselves out – the drive home was much, much, MUCH more pleasant than the drive down, complete with nice and quick border crossing. The weekend was awesome, of course, but I’m pretty glad to be home (I’m sure my bank account is, too).

Next time…the haul. Yes, it was quite a haul indeed.







11 responses to “rhinebeck wrap-up, vol. 1”

  1. Jodi Avatar

    Looks like a great time!

    I hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way. I happily accept plastic bags for my purchases, and I reuse them all! Scooping cat litter, keeping my dirty gym laundry separate from the rest of my gym bag, etc. I understand why people are switching to cloth bags, but please don’t assume that people like me who use plastic bags aren’t reusing them!

  2. toya Avatar

    wow, looks like so much fun, which I was there, lol

  3. Caitlin Avatar

    Sorry to hear about your breakup, but it looks like some nice Rhinebeck retail therapy was just what the doctor ordered.

  4. alison Avatar

    It was great to see you guys there!

  5. Deirdre Avatar

    So sorry to hear you’ve had a tough time, Laura, but I agree that retail therapy and a weekend among knitters is definitely a step in the right direction!

  6. lisa Avatar

    Sorry to hear about your breakup, I hope things look sunny for you soon.

    I can’t wait to see what you bought.

  7. frecklegirl jess Avatar

    So nice meeting you in person, Laura! :)

    Thanks for being flexible with the food on Sat night- our friend Steve is calling to express his displeasure that it took so long for the vegetarian stuff to come out. grr!

  8. juno Avatar

    So, you found a few things that suited you?

  9. Bridget Avatar

    Let me guess, it rained as you went through Syracuse, right? In the 10 or so times that I’ve driven through or near Syracuse since graduating from Syracuse U in 1994, it has rained almost every time. Including a couple weeks ago – both ways from Toronto to Philly. I’m starting to think it’s personal.

    And one of these years, I WILL schedule one of my upstate NY or NYC trips to coincide with Rhinebeck. Can’t wait to see your stash!

  10. Sophia Avatar

    I’m finally coming out of ‘lurk’ mode to say I’m sorry to hear you’ve been going through a tought time and happy that you were able to spend two days with yarn and yarnies! I can’t wait to see what wonderful creations will emerge from your new purchases!

  11. Cheryl Avatar

    I’m glad I ran into you, it was good to see you! I never made it over to the Ravelry party though, it was sort of far from our hotel and I didn’t have my own car. Oh well, next time!

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