buy my yarn?

I’ve got a couple of listings on my etsy shop that are going to expire soon, so I’ve placed them on super sale – 40% off the already reduced price! Help me make room in the stash!

I’m planning on spinning my fool heart out and doing some big updates to the store soon.

Errr….back to studying.

a little test-y

So I’ve got one big test (worth 30%) this afternoon, one tomorrow (worth 20%), and two assignments due at the beginning of next week (20% and 10%). Lovely. As you can imagine, I’m a bit stressed…and thus haven’t put together a Rhinebeck post yet. I might just post a few photos with not too much commentary, and then the ‘haul’ photos.

In the meanwhile Mel has lots of great photos and a complete blow-by-blow of our fantastic weekend.

I’ll get to it as soon as I can (probably tomorrow evening – no new grey’s or CSI, either) – soon, soon!

…and into the fire


Rain. Snow. Norbert. Pitch blackness. The RT23-I-87 junction. Amish friends. The diner. Bloggers. Wool. Dear gods, the wool. Fried dough. Denny and the loom, Denny and the wheel. Sweetie pie penelope. Bags and bags. Exhaustion. Target. Ruby Tuesday. Cider. Restless nights. The CIA. Accident*. Tetris. Rachel and precipitation. The long haul home. Receipts and surly border guard. Hoooooome. Great friends.

It was fabulous. Full report and photos later, although I didn’t take nearly enough photos as I should’ve (dammit, now I’m regretting that). But now…studying. Fun.

*this is of the strictly financial sort.