Rain. Snow. Norbert. Pitch blackness. The RT23-I-87 junction. Amish friends. The diner. Bloggers. Wool. Dear gods, the wool. Fried dough. Denny and the loom, Denny and the wheel. Sweetie pie penelope. Bags and bags. Exhaustion. Target. Ruby Tuesday. Cider. Restless nights. The CIA. Accident*. Tetris. Rachel and precipitation. The long haul home. Receipts and surly border guard. Hoooooome. Great friends.

It was fabulous. Full report and photos later, although I didn’t take nearly enough photos as I should’ve (dammit, now I’m regretting that). But now…studying. Fun.

*this is of the strictly financial sort.

7 Responses to “…and into the fire”

  1. jody

    it was great to meet you! glad you had such a good time (but a little concerned about the accident you mentioned…)

  2. deborah

    What was your favorite vendor? Mine was Brier Rose Fibers and Persimmon Tree Farms, oh and the Got Soap place was fun.


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