FO: raspy

Raspy’s done, and I think I like it!

Pattern: Rowan Denim People
Yarn: Pakucho organic cotton in…I think it was avocado
Needles: Denise US6
Finished: August 20, 2006

As you can see, the sleeves are quite baggy while the body is fairly fitted. Serves me right for fiddling with the body numbers but not the sleeve! I think I was just tired of changing the numbers.

The Rachael:

The “whoops I took a photo” shot, which I think actually shows the sweater quite well:

The modified neckline. I lowered the front neck by doing some short rows, and did my own thing with the dropped stitches. I also seamed it up right side out, so no inside-out seams here. The neck was too wide when i finished up (plus, felt a little unsubstantial) so I did a round of single crochet, skipping about every 4th stitch.

Looking at various clothing retailers’ websites, I think all the new fall sweaters out there are getting to me! I want sweaters! More, more! My head is swimming with sweater ideas. Plus, in Reitmans today I saw many a sweater, including quite a few bulky ones (3 st/in) so perhaps there’ll be a nice chunky sweater flying off my needles soon.

spinny spin spin

A spinning update, since it’s been awhile.

The skeins on the left are merino, in the middle are tussah silk, and on the right, a successful singles yarn.

Silk skeins ready to dye – I think I might do some handpainting with these ones, rather than my usual crockpot.

This one’s a merino singles yarn, which always seems to kick my butt! This actually turned out quite well, though. I think I might weave with it.

And…I finished this lovely skein yesterday:

I had one ounce of Treenway Silks hand-dyed tussah in uh…I think it was “booth bay bop”, or something like that. I spun it up end to end, just predrafting a touch to open out the fibres (it spun up like a dream!) and then did a single of natural tussah, and plied them together. The yarn is super shiny, and the colour progressions on the one ply are pretty subtle. I love it!

I’ve listed a bunch of new skeins on Etsy, and the skeins that were on sale will remain that way. There’s more to come, so check it out!


cough, cough. sniffle, sniffle. this sucks. When I’m sick, I feel like I forget what it feels like not to be sick! I hope this goes away soon. In the meanwhile, I’ve been knitting and spinning a whole lot.

I’ve been working on Raspy – I was sewing up the raglan seams this evening when I realized that I’d made a major mistake! I forgot to bind off 5 on one side of the front! So I had to unpick the sleeve seam I’d done, rip back, and knit it up again. While I was at it, I lowered the front neck using short rows. Everything’s sewn back up again, and well, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to machine wash it. It’s a bit snug. Not overly so, but if I wash it, it may be too dense.

The lengths are okay without washing, I think – the sleeves are long, but I like long sleeves. The neck is a bit too open, since I messed with the numbers, but I think I’ll just crochet around it to close it up a bit. So…in conclusion, I don’t yet know if Raspy is a success. Oh well, it’s comfy!

I finished the back of the greek-inspired pullover:

I’m past the armhole bindoffs on the front now too, so it’s going along quickly.

In spinning, I recently spun up some Louet merino/silk in “Princess blue” and it came out quite nicely. I love spinning (and knitting) wool/silk combos – they’re my favourite!

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