Well, crap.

Why, hello. It certainly has been a few days – you know how the summer slips away so quick right before you go back to school? Well, it’s less than two weeks before school starts for me, so I’m trying to get in some of that “relaxing” before I gotta start getting up in the morning, reading books, packing a backpack, etc.

And now, adventures in beautiful buttons. So on a tip from Alexandra, I ordered a bunch of vintage mother of pearl buttons from an eBay seller for a mere nine cents apiece. They arrived a few days ago in a large box considering it only contained a dime bag with wee buttons in it (it was like…a 12x12x12 cm box stuffed with newspaper shards). The buttons? Beautiful.

There was one that was quite chipped, but hey, I ordered extra. Since I didn’t have any matching thread, I decided to use some of the yarn that I knit the sweater out of – Rowan Wool Cotton. It consists of four 2-ply strands, so I separated it into four and used one 2ply strand to sew the buttons in.

(Buttons are being flashed out against the sweater due to sunlight; this is the most accurate photo of the sweater colour-wise.)


While they look fabulous, the buttons are a little too small and delicate for the task – they’re a thin flat button with a shank, and it would seem that the holes are too big (or the buttons are too small). They do okay, but there’s going to be poppage. I will say that the sweater hasn’t yet been blocked, so maybe it won’t need to stretch as much over the bust when I put it on, but I can forsee the buttonholes getting even bigger.

The only solution I can come up with without having to find more buttons and take out the old ones is to make the buttonholes smaller – reinforce them and somehow make the buttons stick. Argh! I really wanted this sweater to be done. (Sweater is the Vintage Pink Cardigan from Interweave, Spring 2005.)

Also residing in blue sweater land:

Finished pieces of the blueberry Greek Pullover (Interweave Fall 2005). The neck treatment is just crochet, so nice and easy. I’m hoping to sew it together tomorrow. And Jill? I think I used less than 10 balls of Main Line.

a bit o

Black alpaca sweater on ebony circs? Hmmm, my eyes might not like me for this…

…but the needles are soo nice. Lantern Moon, 4 mm, 26″.

I spun a bunch today (first time in a wee while) and ended up with these three skeins among the “leftovers”.

The melon one in the back is the small amount of 2 ply I spun onto a second bobbin after filling one. The one in the middle is the leftover singles from that yarn plied with the leftovers from a yellow/orange (that’s up on etsy), and then the yellow yarn in the front is the remaining leftovers navajo-plied. Yum yum. There’s only a few yards of each (50 for the in-between one, 30 for the yellow, not sure about the melon) but put together into a colour graded hat or something they’d be awesome.

More colour: pretty-ing up some roving to use at the store for my next drop spindle class. I’m planning on dyeing a lot more this week. I especially love the electric violet of the one on the right.

Finally, in actual knitting, the second Traveler’s Stocking (from Knitting on the Road) is up to the heel, ready to be turned in tomorrow’s sock class at the store. Soon to be complete!

flurry of activity

Days have been lost in the blur of work, rockin’ snb, so many “lace wings” patterns + sea silk orders, unpacking and pricing about fifty colours of yarns, buying bras (who knew I was a DD???!) and a watch, having family over, and discovering that Cafe Diplomatico really sucks.

Knitting soon to come. I have the day off tomorrow!