Month: June 2006

  • what I’m taking to snb tonight

    Supermerino cardigan started long ago, finally all joined together. Should go quickly now because I’m losing 10 stitches per right side row – right? Still working on the paper, which is due in 3 hours (and school’s an hour away). Luckily I only have about 2 sentences to write – concluding sentences, the toughest kind! […]

  • want some cosmicpluto?

    I’ve put up some new yarns on my Etsy shop – check them out! A deal for blog readers – if you’re interested in any of the skeins (applies to the ones already listed as well), email me to order and I’ll take a couple bucks off. Etsy charges fees up the wazoo, ya know. […]

  • sssssshhh. Quiet Study Area.

    Well, I did finally finish up that Rowanspun jacket. It even blocked out really nice: (Please ignore electric guitar sticking out in the corner. Or, think I’m cool because of it. Either way is fine with me!) The applied icord – what I figured out finally was that I was picking up the wrong part […]