I took my wheel down to the store today, and left it there because I also picked up my new bike! Obviously I couldn’t handle getting both home on the subway, so the wheel stayed there.

I took the wheel down for SnB, and had some lovely fun spinning down at the store. Got through another ply’s worth of merino (it’s pinky-red, and shall be a three ply) and a good amount of South African top. It’s pretty, but no photos – since obviously it’s still at the store!

And then it started raining. A lot. Inside the store. Stay tuned to Steph, she’ll probably tell the story well. At any rate – we’re used to it leaking, quite a bit actually, but tonight was Bad. Whew. Luckily no yarn was harmed, although some of us came away gross with ceiling water. Ew.

Anyway, since I don’t have my wheel at home and that’s what I usually do at night in front of the tv, I’m at a bit of a loss. I suppose I’ll have to knit? But what? Oh yeah, that supermerino sweater needs some attention…

How about some new yarn?

A bag of shetland to try out, and lonely orphaned skeins of Handmaiden 4ply cashmere and Sock Candy – they’d been sitting and staring at my so long, I just had to get them! You know how it is. I’m going to do some anklets with the Sock Candy (I’m thinking toe up from both ends of the ball the same time – wouldn’t want to run out of yarn) and some wristwarmers out of the cashmere. Mmmm, cashmere.

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something’s wrong here…

So – a while ago Denny gave me the plying head from her old Lendrum (which she doesn’t have anymore). I went and ordered a jumbo bobbin from Gemini Fibres, along with a regular size bobbin (it’s walnut rather than maple, because that’s what they had). Check it out – regular on the left, jumbo on the right.

That jumbo bobbin’s pretty big! But…

Dang. See all that space at the bottom? That’s not supposed to be there – the bobbin should be flush between the two ends! I know this part is from the old Lendrum, but how big was that jumbo bobbin??!

After some internal deliberation (goddammit, now I’m going to have to buy the head anyway; I’ll need to order a large drive band to make this work; this head is too damn big for the wheel) I actually put the head on the wheel, and treadled for a bit. I think I can make it work – I just need to put something there to fill up that space. That said, if anyone has a ginormous lendrum bobbin sitting around that they don’t need…I wouldn’t mind buying it off you!

Knitting? Sure.

The body of VBC (that’s Vintage Blue Cardigan) is nearly ready to go – just need to do a ribbed band on the left front, then sewing up and the neckband. Pretty! I’ve only used eight balls of Rowan Wool Cotton so far; I’m going to have to go into a ninth ball for the band and collar, but still – safe completion within my ten-ball limit.

on edge

Vacation is so close I can nearly taste it – too bad for the exam coming up on Monday! It’s going to take everything I’ve got to keep thinking about Darwin, Lyell and Cuvier. I’ve taken every term of school since I started university, including full summers, so I deserve a break!

Meanwhile – the final piece of VBC is well on its way, and the patterning is absolutely lovely. I’m quite a bit farther now, so hopefully I’ll be able to get this done soon! I need to find some buttons for it, too.