what I’m taking to snb tonight

Supermerino cardigan started long ago, finally all joined together. Should go quickly now because I’m losing 10 stitches per right side row – right?

Still working on the paper, which is due in 3 hours (and school’s an hour away). Luckily I only have about 2 sentences to write – concluding sentences, the toughest kind! I shall be relieved once it is done.

P.S. under the sweater is a “circle of friends” blanket that I’m putting together on commission (just the finishing work). Need to do that, too.



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8 responses to “what I’m taking to snb tonight”

  1. Gina Avatar

    I adore the sweater. I’m looking forward to photos of all things crafty!

  2. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    ahem. Clearly your definition of “a long time ago” and my definition of “a long time ago” bear no resemblance to one another when discussing the length of time elapsed between the present and the first meeting of a project with the needles it’s on.

  3. Andrea Avatar

    Dang, forgot it was wednesday. I’m working at the theatre so I’m conveniently located to Kensington market but I forgot my knitting! Maybe next week.

  4. Julia Avatar

    I *love* the colors I can see peeking out in that blanket! And the cardigan is very cute, beautiful taupe color.

  5. Jo Avatar

    Very pretty :) What pattern are you using?

  6. Joan Avatar

    Love the sweater!

  7. Lise Avatar

    Love, love, love the cardi. what pattern are you using? Must have my own!!!! Enjoy the well-deserved vacation. You’re right. You deserve a break.

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