ah, those Nordic Memories


*Click for cuff and ribbing detail*

Nordic Memories
Pattern: Interweave Knits, Fall WINTER 2003
Yarn: Knitpicks Merino Style, 10 skeins Hollyberry, 2 skeins Harvest, 1 skein Storm
Needles: Denise US 5
Finished: January 24, 2006

My first fair isle! Done back and forth, too – so my purl rows are definitely looser than my knit rows. Colourwork isn’t perfect, but who is? I floated the yarn behind, resulting in some damn long yarn pieces back there…

7 stitches, actually! In DK weight yarn! Long I know, but I tried weaving and it just wouldn’t work – the bright yellow showed through way too much.

The sleeve cap on this sucker is a bit weird – usually you’d start by binding off a few stitches, but this one is just “BO 1 at the beginning of following 12 rows”. I didn’t bind off the one stitch – instead I decreased at both ends on the RS rows. Made it a bit difficult to match up with the armhole, but I suppose it worked. The upper arm’s also a bit big for me, but that’s ok.

I made the sweater body a titch longer than in the pattern, about a centimetre or a little more on the front and back. And I used the FULL ten balls of the MC – check out my leftovers:

So cozy and soft, yet not sloppy looking! I just love it!

debit card accident


Fleece Artist wool/silk roving and silk brick (the blue). YUM. There *cough* may also have been an incident involving eBay and three pounds of other fibre. Ahem.

Since I’ve been spinning more lately, I don’t really have much to say about the knitting – I still haven’t finished the first Jaywalker (damn size 0’s), and I’ve been working on a boy sock as well. I managed to break a lantern moon on that one, dammit! I’ve also started another plain-ish sweater, which I’ll show as soon as there’s some progress! I think the next thing I’ll cast on is a shawl – Charlotte’s Web, probably.

But look! What’s this?

A finished Nordic Memories? Soon to be revealed!

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fibre-filled weekend

This weekend I spent knitting, spinning, and dyeing (with a bit of school reading for good measure). When I wasn’t actively doing one of them, I was thinking about it! So results –

In spinning, I did up some 2-ply merino in a pretty damn bright orange:

Wound off, with a skein of a purpley-greeny merino in the middle. The big skein of orange is 280 yards, the small one 140 yards, and the purple one is 150 yards. I *think* I’m going to open up an etsy shop for my handspuns soon (that is, if I can stand to part with them) so most of my spinning in the next while will be for that, I think.

I also carded for the first time, some silk noil that I got at lettuce knit. It’s got all kinds of funky crap in it. I tried blending it with some blue merino.

It was…interesting. I made some funky-looking rolags to try spinning.

In knitting, I finished the front of Nordic Memories! Everything’s in for a soak now. Then comes the sewing up and the neckband…I’m hoping to get this one done soon, soon.

Now I’m sort of in knitting limbo – what do I knit next? I think I’ll start another shawl, and some kind of fairly plain pullover, maybe a raglan with cables on the sleeves. Or maybe this is my chance to try out the EZ seamless saddle shoulder! I also need to figure out what the hell to do for the Knitting Olympics!

And finally in dyeing, with no photos – I’ve been dyeing up some more silk hankies for lettuce knit, and having a lot of fun. Going much quicker this time around, I think.