ah, those Nordic Memories


*Click for cuff and ribbing detail*

Nordic Memories
Pattern: Interweave Knits, Fall WINTER 2003
Yarn: Knitpicks Merino Style, 10 skeins Hollyberry, 2 skeins Harvest, 1 skein Storm
Needles: Denise US 5
Finished: January 24, 2006

My first fair isle! Done back and forth, too – so my purl rows are definitely looser than my knit rows. Colourwork isn’t perfect, but who is? I floated the yarn behind, resulting in some damn long yarn pieces back there…

7 stitches, actually! In DK weight yarn! Long I know, but I tried weaving and it just wouldn’t work – the bright yellow showed through way too much.

The sleeve cap on this sucker is a bit weird – usually you’d start by binding off a few stitches, but this one is just “BO 1 at the beginning of following 12 rows”. I didn’t bind off the one stitch – instead I decreased at both ends on the RS rows. Made it a bit difficult to match up with the armhole, but I suppose it worked. The upper arm’s also a bit big for me, but that’s ok.

I made the sweater body a titch longer than in the pattern, about a centimetre or a little more on the front and back. And I used the FULL ten balls of the MC – check out my leftovers:

So cozy and soft, yet not sloppy looking! I just love it!



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34 responses to “ah, those Nordic Memories”

  1. Erin Avatar

    Beautiful! Makes me want to try out fair isle. :)

  2. jacqueline Avatar

    i love it too! it looks fantastic….absolutely fantastic.

  3. Heidi Avatar

    That is a beautiful sweater. You are amazing! (so productive, and everything you make suits and fits you pefectly).

  4. jody Avatar

    gorgeous! i love the touch of storm blue as contrast for the warm tones of the red and yellow. your tension looks great too (i gasped when i read you did this back and forth!)

  5. Dani Avatar

    Laura, it looks great! You have got to teach me how to do Fair Isle – I think I am getting the bug

  6. lisa Avatar

    Laura – I’d say it looks pretty perfect to me. What an awesome job.

  7. Roxanne Avatar

    Awesome, just awesome! Well done!!

  8. Michelle Avatar

    Love your sweater! It beautiful!! You make me want to learn Fair Isle knitting now!

  9. JennyRaye Avatar

    I love it too!!!! And you are wearing it 24 days after you started, well done! I want to try fair isle, as well, but have so much other stuff planned for the immediate future. But yours is definitely and inspiration!

  10. yahaira Avatar

    this is your first fair isle? I don’t believe you! It’s so pretty and looks so comfy

  11. jodi Avatar

    It looks gorgeous! Good job.

  12. Anna Avatar

    That’s a lovely sweater! It looks great on you!

  13. allison Avatar

    So great! It looks fantastic on you :)

  14. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    Beautiful! Great job. And I can’ t believe you finished it so quickly with all that spinning going on.

  15. Chris Avatar

    WOW. It’s completely gorgeous, and fabulously flattering. Yay you!

  16. Karma Avatar

    Love it! Beautiful color combination and a great fit.

  17. Latoya Avatar

    What wonderful knitting you do. I really like the redness of this sweater.

  18. Jill Avatar

    Laura, it looks great!

  19. Kim Avatar

    I love it too! It looks like the fit is great and I like the colors. What a good job. And the Merino Style is so soft and nice.

  20. kristin Avatar

    Aghhh! It’s gorgeous! Your colors are spectacular. I must make this. Must, must, must.

  21. grumperina Avatar

    OMG, what a coincidence – I LOVE IT, too! I can imagine how soft and warm this is, mmmm… Looks great on you!

  22. Tara Avatar

    Excellent! (I was looking for an exclamation not already used)
    simply beautiful and inspiring-congratulations!

  23. Lauren Avatar

    I love it too. amazing.

  24. holly Avatar

    Looks great. The ribbing has a wonderful texture and, as always, you’ve picked fantastic colors.

  25. Wanda Avatar

    What a beautiful sweater. I don’t recall this sweater and now I’m going to have to look for it. It really looks great on you and the fair-isle is great!

  26. Bear Knits Avatar

    It looks great! You do such a great job with your sweaters.

  27. caitlyn Avatar

    It looks awesome!! Great job!

  28. Lori Avatar

    Really, really beautiful.

  29. kellyt Avatar

    Great job! Love that deep ribbing.

  30. nicole Avatar

    Cute! You are so fast, it blows my mind.

  31. Tara Avatar

    ok, you’re so inspiring that I looked through a Fall 03 IK but I couldn’t find the pattern!

  32. alison Avatar

    I love it, too. Great job, Laura!

  33. Rainy Avatar

    NICE! Your knitting really inspires me and this one is no exception!

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