fibre-filled weekend

This weekend I spent knitting, spinning, and dyeing (with a bit of school reading for good measure). When I wasn’t actively doing one of them, I was thinking about it! So results –

In spinning, I did up some 2-ply merino in a pretty damn bright orange:

Wound off, with a skein of a purpley-greeny merino in the middle. The big skein of orange is 280 yards, the small one 140 yards, and the purple one is 150 yards. I *think* I’m going to open up an etsy shop for my handspuns soon (that is, if I can stand to part with them) so most of my spinning in the next while will be for that, I think.

I also carded for the first time, some silk noil that I got at lettuce knit. It’s got all kinds of funky crap in it. I tried blending it with some blue merino.

It was…interesting. I made some funky-looking rolags to try spinning.

In knitting, I finished the front of Nordic Memories! Everything’s in for a soak now. Then comes the sewing up and the neckband…I’m hoping to get this one done soon, soon.

Now I’m sort of in knitting limbo – what do I knit next? I think I’ll start another shawl, and some kind of fairly plain pullover, maybe a raglan with cables on the sleeves. Or maybe this is my chance to try out the EZ seamless saddle shoulder! I also need to figure out what the hell to do for the Knitting Olympics!

And finally in dyeing, with no photos – I’ve been dyeing up some more silk hankies for lettuce knit, and having a lot of fun. Going much quicker this time around, I think.



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6 responses to “fibre-filled weekend”

  1. Jill Avatar

    Nordic Memories looks great – glad to hear that you have enough yarn to finish her up.

  2. Suzuko Avatar

    Everything looks awesome as usual! I was also thinking of making the saddle shoulder by EZ, I just picked up knitting without tears tonight (my first knitting book.) I’m really liking the book, since I’m self taught, I think this book is right up my alley. I’m always looking at patterns and thinking of how I could modify them to my style,but never doing so cuz I never truely understood the construction. so in a good reading sitdown at B&N, I decided this was one book I could take home with me(whereas most books are just full of ideas for me to base my knitting slowness off of.) I did my first gauge like swatch thingie ever last night, never tholught it was an important step, but still it’s hard to measure a little rolled up curley thing…LOL I still have lots to learn.
    Can’t wait to see more of the great yarns you create!

  3. Chris Avatar

    Your yarn looks great! Definitely keep us in the loop on the etsy shop. And congrats on finishing the front of Nordic Memories!

  4. Julia Avatar

    All that dyeing sounds fun! And good luck on opening an etsy shop…I’ll definitely have to check that out if you do it. I’m very curious to see your cabled-sleeve raglan, if you do it. I’ve got some Cascade Indulgence hanging around I’ve been wanting to do something similar with (something very simple, but with a few cables involved). Maybe I’ll get some inspiration.

  5. Latoya Avatar

    I think that you should open an etsy account. I would buy some – if the price was reasonable. Are you currently selling any sock yarns? Let me know.

  6. erica Avatar

    Hi, I’m not exactly sure how I landed here, but I’m glad I did! Your gallery of finished objects is awe-inspiring! Good luck with the etsy shop : )

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