oooh, pretty

A milestone – I finally wound some of my handspun into a ball!

This was some of the “early collection”, all done on my drop spindle. It’s really quite underplied, but the colours are GORGEOUS. I adore the knitted fabric, and hey, at least it’s balanced. This was my first time knitting with my handspun! I didn’t know much about spinning when I did this stuff, so it isn’t as lofty as I think I could make it now (plus that plying thing), but I think it’s beautiful.

Currently blocking on my floor (although it’s probably dry by now):

It’s Fiber Trends’ Shoalwater Shawl, knit in Hand Maiden Lace Silk for lettuce knit. It’s finally done! And it looks marvelous all blocked out. All that in only 1 skein – it’s about 70″ across the top.


Not feeling particularly creative right now, but here’s the lowdown on recent happenings…

The Snap Cardi – almost done, just need to do the collar and some sewing. Problem – I don’t know if I’ll have enough yarn. Living on the edge, that.

I’ve finally returned to the go with the flow socks, which are coming along quite nicely now.

And….I’ve gotten back to this:

Pile o’ Cozy, from knitty. It went away from many months – the entire summer, really – and now it’s time to be finished. I had to frog a few rows, a couple of times while getting back into it, but it’s all good now.


I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately – the knitting’s not all that exciting, and I haven’t been home much! When I am, it’s sleepy time. I did manage to finish the secret project in time (eucalan-ing right now!) so there’ll be pictures tomorrow. Not that it’s all that exciting a project, but it’s really not all that often that I knit for others.

In the meanwhile, I finished the sleeves of the Snap Cardi as well. Just two front and a long-ass collar to knit!

It really is just soft and comfy and lovely. I can’t wait to use my Blue Sky cotton – I’m thinking just a simple pullover, maybe with a cable on the front.

Sooooo…that’s about it for now! I hope to have a knitterly weekend, so maybe I’ll have something exciting to show then!