I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately – the knitting’s not all that exciting, and I haven’t been home much! When I am, it’s sleepy time. I did manage to finish the secret project in time (eucalan-ing right now!) so there’ll be pictures tomorrow. Not that it’s all that exciting a project, but it’s really not all that often that I knit for others.

In the meanwhile, I finished the sleeves of the Snap Cardi as well. Just two front and a long-ass collar to knit!

It really is just soft and comfy and lovely. I can’t wait to use my Blue Sky cotton – I’m thinking just a simple pullover, maybe with a cable on the front.

Sooooo…that’s about it for now! I hope to have a knitterly weekend, so maybe I’ll have something exciting to show then!



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2 responses to “booooooring”

  1. Vicki Avatar

    2 fronts and long-ass collar aren’t so bad…it’s going to be very nice when it’s all put together. Love Elspeth by the way…

  2. jacqueline Avatar

    come on…you can kick those fronts and collar along. man isn’t it annoy when you kinda get over a knit but you know you still really want to complete it.

    i second what vicki says about elspeth!

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