i heart manos

I started a top-down cardigan with the Manos, and it’s beauuuutiful. The colours are darker/richer than they look here (the sun bleaches everything out…)

It’s working up really fast on 5 mm needles – I’m past the armholes and am doing the body. I’m going to use Manos past the boobage area (cause just cutting it across does not look nice) and then switch to the burgandy Patons. I’m alternating between the two skeins of Manos, because although they have the same colour number they are vastly different. So I’m cutting and felting the ends together every couple rows. Turning out well, no?

No more new projects until I finish something or three.

startitis galore

I don’t know what it is, but I’m just into starting things left and right! Well, a girl’s gotta have choice. Something I can stick in my bag for lecture, something for tv, something that requires a little more attention…

The punk vest is almost done – just the armholes and weaving in ends (I gotta confess – sometimes I just knot and leave ’em). Problem is, the black ribbing is just killer on my eyes. I love wearing black, but I think anything that I knit with black is going to have to be a mindless, almost-no-shaping garment (ie. bottom-up raglan). The neckband almost killed me. I’ll give the armholes a shot in BRIGHT sunlight this afternoon.

Ooooh! Elann’s Highland Chunky is SO smooshy and soft. I’d buy more but…I really am trying to refrain from that. Plus since it’s a largish gauge (15 sts = 4″) it goes FAST. Here’s half a sleeve of the Urban Aran. I’m going for an early-spring jacket with this, so there’s no realy hurry, but knowing how long I take with finishing I might as well knit it now.

Finally, here’s a pile of yarn from my shelf – two skeins of Manos 106, two of cranberry Patons Classic, plus some more Patons in black and grey. What can I make with some/all (I think probably not the grey) of this? I’m thinking a little fitted top-down cardigan, either with a manos yoke or stripes. Slight problem is that the Manos is a heavier weight than the Patons. I think doubling the Patons would be overkill, so that means that the Manos sections with be tighter/thicker or the Patons sections thinner. Hmmm.


a wee problem

Here’s a shot of my retro-prep. I actually want to get past the waist shaping so I can just knit even, round and round, without having to deal with pulling needles through and cord loops and all this and that as with the socks.

Here’s the pretty blue Regia I bought the other day. The pic’s a bit dark, but gives a pretty good sense of the colours anyway.

Now for the problem. I washed three sweaters (must have, jo sharp ribby, and the oatmeal bottom-up raglan) this week. I filled up the washing machine with warm water and added Eucalan, submerged my sweaters and let them sit for about 30 minutes, then spun out the water and laid everything to dry.

The oatmeal raglan seems to have…shrunk. Not felted exactly, and it’s not unwearable (although the neck’s a bit tight) but it’s definitely significantly smaller. It was seriously perfect before, so obviously something had to happen. Argh! Can I try re-blocking it? Stretching it out, wetting, pinning?

Who’d have thought just spinning it out would make it shrink…