Month: January 2005

  • i heart manos

    I started a top-down cardigan with the Manos, and it’s beauuuutiful. The colours are darker/richer than they look here (the sun bleaches everything out…) It’s working up really fast on 5 mm needles – I’m past the armholes and am doing the body. I’m going to use Manos past the boobage area (cause just cutting […]

  • startitis galore

    I don’t know what it is, but I’m just into starting things left and right! Well, a girl’s gotta have choice. Something I can stick in my bag for lecture, something for tv, something that requires a little more attention… The punk vest is almost done – just the armholes and weaving in ends (I […]

  • a wee problem

    Here’s a shot of my retro-prep. I actually want to get past the waist shaping so I can just knit even, round and round, without having to deal with pulling needles through and cord loops and all this and that as with the socks. Here’s the pretty blue Regia I bought the other day. The […]