Clapotis, she is done!

In a classic case of the camera seeing all, one of the drop stitch ladders wasn’t fully dropped in this pic, but that’s fixed now. It was a lovely pattern, and came out just beautifully in the yarn I chose, Fleece Artist Silken, 100% silk. It’s just gorgeous. Here’s a closeup:

In other news, I finished one Koigu glove and the second one progresses…I was sidetracked by Clapotis, so not too much progress here.

I started this mistake rib scarf on Christmas, but it’s just not doing justice to the amazing softness of this yarn. So it shall soon be ripped. Any suggestions? I was thinking either 1×1 rib or legwarmers…


No pictures, but the archives should work for all browsers now – I added a .html extension, and it works for me in Safari, Firefox, and IE. Be sure to reload to get the new links; they should end in _archive.html. Sorry to anyone who had tried to get to them and couldn’t!

I’ve been working on Clapotis all day, and OH MY GOODNESS she’s GORGEOUS! I love the dropped stitches and the silk yarn, it works up really quickly, and I don’t even need a row counter for the straight sections. She may be the most beautiful thing I’ve knit so far.

Taking stock of the time left this winter, here are my plans for the big projects (before it gets too warm to wear the woolies).
– finish the Must Have
Mariah, in Elann peruvian wool
– a cardie or jacket with the Elann highland chunky I ordered today
– and various small projects.

Must get back to Clapotis, she is oh so addictive! I think I’ll be making another one out of wool or cotton or something!

holiday knitting mode…for me, that is

I feel like because it’s the holiday and I’ve got time off school, I should be knitting up a storm! And I kind of am, but I’m just working on projects and not really getting anything done. There’ll be more pictures to come later today, probably. For now, here’s a shot of Clapotis-in-progress!

I’m doing it in Fleece Artist Silken, following some mods that Stephannie made.

I ordered more yarn from Elann today, the Highland Wool Chunky and a cone of Naturelle 8/8 (they put a few back up!) – love that stuff. I try to keep my elann ordereds to less than $100, which led me to taking off a couple balls of the Highland Chunky (in another colour). So there goes my Christmas money, pretty much!

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