Month: December 2004

  • FO!

    Clapotis, she is done! In a classic case of the camera seeing all, one of the drop stitch ladders wasn’t fully dropped in this pic, but that’s fixed now. It was a lovely pattern, and came out just beautifully in the yarn I chose, Fleece Artist Silken, 100% silk. It’s just gorgeous. Here’s a closeup: […]

  • things

    No pictures, but the archives should work for all browsers now – I added a .html extension, and it works for me in Safari, Firefox, and IE. Be sure to reload to get the new links; they should end in _archive.html. Sorry to anyone who had tried to get to them and couldn’t! I’ve been […]

  • holiday knitting mode…for me, that is

    I feel like because it’s the holiday and I’ve got time off school, I should be knitting up a storm! And I kind of am, but I’m just working on projects and not really getting anything done. There’ll be more pictures to come later today, probably. For now, here’s a shot of Clapotis-in-progress! I’m doing […]