i refuse to go out to shop

Today is Boxing Day, and that means SALES! Some crazy people, like my father, go out and line up at Future Shop at 6 am in the hopes of getting a doorcrasher or something. But not me! I refuse to be trampled by the crowds!

…I did buy some yarn online last night that’s on Boxing Day sale, though. I managed to wait all month for this from RedBirdKnits! 40% off everything that’s left in stock for the next 2 days. I bought a cone of JaggerSpun Wool/Silk in Steel and one 1/4 lb skein in vanilla. I wanted to buy more, like some sock yarn, but I restrained myself.

Christmas Day was fun, but there was definitely a different vibe this year. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, I don’t know. We had all the family over for dinner, and it was really nice to chat with my cousins (that are the same age). I even got knitting done – I worked up one ball of the Luxury Collection bulky alpaca that I bought the other day into a skinny mistake rib scarf. It needs some more length from the second ball, but it’s getting nice and long.

I also finished one legwarmer (the KSH and classic wool ones). It didn’t quite take a whole skein of each of the yarns because I didn’t make it super long, so I guess I should cast on the second one with what remains of those skeins before I open up the second skein of each. Oh, and I also got through the pinky and half of the ring finger of my Koigu glove (which I hadn’t worked on in awhile) and even managed a few rows on the must have. Wow! I’ve done a lot of knitting the last few days!

And most importantly, my knitted gifts were well received. Four people (out of six) were wearing their presents to dinner yesterday, and everyone loved the penguins! Hooray!


I’ll be experimenting with the layout for a little bit, so don’t be alarmed if things disappear. This message, for instance.

hooray! I finally got it to work! What do you all think?

Now all I need is a banner or something…

tis a mighty blog

Image heavy, too. I don’t know who will be reading this tonight or on Christmas, but I know that I for one always have downtime between opening presents and getting ready for the big dinner (about 30 people).

I forgot to take a picture of my second Pasha before wrapping it up and such, but it looks just like my first one. I also forgot to take a picture of my very last Christmas project, a garter stitch triangular scarf for my grandmother in burgandy TLC Cotton Plus (you can imagine that, right?).

Oh and I know I’ve had a LOT of pictures of these projects up, but they’re finally, finally completely done. Wrapped and under the tree.

And now for some Christmas Eve stash enhancement!

First up, some yummy Manos, colourway 106. One of the skeins has way more black than the other, but that’s okay.

One giant skein of Fleece Artist 2/6 Merino!

Two skeins of bulky weight 100% alpaca, for a scarf for me. This stuff is SO SOFT, it needs to be touched to be believed!

I also bought another skein of Kidsilk Haze in the gunmetal grey, and one skein of worsted weight Blue Sky Alpaca. It’s 50% alpaca, 50% merino, and incredibly soft and lofty. I couldn’t wait, so I made a superquick neckwarmer!

It’s so soft and yummy, and really keeps me warm without the bulk or bother of a scarf! Surprise, surprise, everything is from

including this enormous silkscreened tote bag! Yay!

Well, I hope the holidays see everyone safe, warm, comfortable and healthy – don’t forget to donate to your local food bank (not just now, but all year round..ditto for goodwill towards all).

Happy holidays!

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