garden starts

It’s been all secret knitting around here lately, which isn’t very good for blogging! But now that the weather has turned (maybe?) and it’s a bit brighter and warmer, it was time to get some garden stuff going.

I picked up a bunch of tiny pots at the dollar store to start my seedlings this year – I’m a bit tired of peat pellets, and I can reuse these ones next year! Plus, the plants will have a little more room and maybe I won’t have to┬árepot them again before transplanting.


I’m starting extra tomato plants this year even though we won’t have room for all of them on the deck. Some local friends will get lucky with free plants!


The basil is doing nicely from seed. I’m planning to do aggressive pruning on the plants to see if I can get them to grow bushier. Varieties: Italian large leaf and dark opal basil from Cubits.




Tomato varieties: Riesenstraube, which was the first to germinate, looks pretty great and was our biggest producer last year; Black Cherry, Ivory Pear, Black Prince, Purple Cherokee, Sungold, Matt’s Wild Cherry. I was really excited to find the Sungold seeds at West Coast Seeds, along with a small variety of zucchini (Patio Star) and peas (Little Marvel)!

Unfortunately even with my nifty popsicle-stick labelling system I’m pretty sure I’ve mislabeled at least one tomato!


I haven’t spun much in ages but there’s been lots popping up in my Instagram, and it’s inspiring! I wanted to take a little time off knitting this past weekend so I pulled out a few braids. Marge is unimpressed. (Yes, we have the Lego Simpsons House.)

new ruffles!

Hopefully I’ll have some new patterns to share with you soon!

New Pattern: Crestline Cardigan

It’s pretty gloomy here today (rain/snow mix? ugh) so I’m combatting the blahs by releasing a new lace cardigan pattern, Crestline!

Crestline Cardigan

I knit this cardigan last summer and wore it on vacation in Vancouver, but the season was already shifting to woolly cabley goodness for fall, so I didn’t release the pattern. I’m glad I held onto it though!

Crestline Cardigan

The backdrop is Pearl Bracelet by Lizzy House – I love her fabrics and since I don’t have a lot of time to sew right now, it was a good way to use it somehow ;)

Crestline Cardigan

Crestline is knit from the top down, seamlessly, with just a few skeins of sock yarn. The lace portion is both written and charted. I can’t wait till it’s actually warm enough to wear it – it’s started snowing just as I’m finishing this post!

Queue and Fave on Ravelry!

FO: Laceweight Bestellen Shawl

I started this laceweight version of my Bestellen Shawl pattern not long after I finished the original fingering weight version, but it was pushed to the wayside (aka the bottom of a works-in-progress basket) for awhile there. I picked it back up last week and finished it off to give as a birthday gift!

Bestellen Shawl

The yarn is madelinetosh prairie, which is a wool laceweight single. The colour is super hard to capture! I think it was Forestry? Just right for a birthday gift on St. Patrick’s Day!

Bestellen Shawl

I didn’t make any modifications to the pattern other than knitting it on 3.5mm needles and extending the bottom ribbing by a few rows to use up more yarn. It’s a good size, and the recipient put it on right away ;)

Bestellen Shawl

Perfectly lightweight for spring! The Bestellen Shawl pattern is available on Ravelry here.

Reading: The Jenna Fox Chronicles. I actually really loved all three books!