So hard to capture those reds, you know? Plus it’s all tweedy and confuses my camera. I went back to find the photo I took of the Rowanspun yarn when I got it back in December –

That’s pretty accurate on my monitor. Deep burgundy-red, with flecks of orange and bright red. Kind of purpley. I haven’t moved at all on finishing that jacket, but I think I’ve decided to take the timid route and go all one colour. Soon, soon.

I am so sleepy from all the running around I’ve been doing. Coming soon – socks. Maybe even another almost-sweater.

4 Responses to “yeah, my photos kinda suck”

  1. Gina

    Poor Rowanspun! It seems that none of the yarns in that line photograph well. Oh, but what a pleasant surprise to see them in person.

  2. Dipsy D.

    Wow, such a beautiful color, so warm and calm! Looking forward to seeing your socks and the almost-sweater – happy knitting!


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