This morning I just really don’t feel like going out to the garden to water – it’s a five minute walk, but I’m feeling quite lazy about going before work today. I watered twice yesterday with a long soaking in the evening, so I’m thinking it should be okay until I get home from work tonight.

Exciting things at work – I’ve been doing dyeing in the basement, our new dye studio! Yesterday I did a whack of roving and some sock yarn, and today I tackle cotton for the first time. If you’re in the market for some handdyed cotton, stay tuned!

Knitting’s been a little slow around here lately despite (or because of) the trip. Since I’ve gotten back I’ve hardly knit at all! Well, I suppose that’s not really true, but I’ve been feeling the itch to start something new. Question is, what?

Here’s what’s on the needles:

Lace Nightie from Interweave – Haven’t blogged about this one yet (but I did take photos this morning)! I’m using Alchemy Silken Straw and although it looks terribly small at the moment I have faith that it’s going to stretch and stretch once it hits water. I’ve passed the centre back bindoff and am on the back shaping decreases.

Blue Heron Rayon Metallic vest – on hold; I ran out of yarn at the armhole shaping of the right front (with everything else done)

Roundabout tank – just need to attach the straps and block

STR socks – well, socks are always on the needles

Handspun log cabin block – haven’t done anything since I got back

Blue cotton dress – I’ve worn it out once, but the straps need to be taken off, shortened, and backed with fabric before it goes outside again

Balance top-down sweater – still needs buttons, after all this time! I am working on writing up the pattern for sale, in case anyone was wondering

I do have several design projects to work on as well, but I’m just feeling a bit restless with the knitting. I’ve got several (okay, lots) of sweaters planned but don’t feel like I have the mental capacity at the moment to figure out math and stuff.

Maybe I need a super quick project to get me going again. Or maybe I should join Denny’s 7 shawl project – I’ve got one on the needles just started, and some skeins of handspun lace weight and fingering weight that are just waiting to be knit up into pretty shawls.

So much choice – too much choice!






5 responses to “wips”

  1. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    I got quite a chuckle out of “the straps need to be taken off, shortened, and backed with fabric before it goes outside again.” I’m just picturing what events could have led you to that conclusion. I’m sure my imagination is funnier than reality, though, so don’t spoil it for me! (I ordered the pattern for your sweatercoat and am anxiously awaiting it. Nothing wrong with knitting a wool coat in the middle of summer, right?)

  2. Erin Avatar

    yo, we should hang out, since uh, you were right – i totally pass your house EVERY. DAY. Next week is finals for the first semester, but maybe sometime after july 2? i finish at 3:25 M-F

  3. dennymcmillan@mac.co Avatar

    Yo erin where the hell you been girl.
    Come out to knit in the market you.

    Larua come knit shawls, It will be fun.

    Easy rules.

  4. The Procrastiknitter Avatar

    Wow, you have been busy!

  5. Faith Avatar

    Goodness, that looks like a whole lot of WIPs! And they all seem so close to finishing- good luck!

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