Wow, the comments on that Vogue giveaway post were awesome. I loved reading about all the types of lace you guys love. A few non-scientific popular trends from the comments, off the top of my head:

– Estonian lace (nupps!)
– large scale lace (I love this too)
– shawlettes (is anyone surprised?)
– floral/organic/leafy shapes

The Random Number Generator has spoken and the winner is comment number 404, from Eliza: “I actually had to read the comments to determine what different types of lace there are! I like to knit lace shawls, but I’m also working on a large format lace cardigan.”

To cap off this post, a little bit of fingering weight lace I was working on this week (man this colour is hard to photograph – it’s the Sliver Moon Farm stuff from a couple posts ago):

purple in progress

Thanks for playing everyone!

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  1. Sasha

    Hurrah! Congrats to Eliza :) What gorgeous purple lace there, scrumptious yarn – it must be even more delish in real life!


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