whoops, it’s late again

I’m a night person – I like the house quiet and dark, and I tend to stay up late and sleep in. Tonight I went to the Victoria Day fireworks, then on the way back walked to Queen and Leslie, then a streetcar, subway, bus and walk later I was home. I was tired. But sleep? Nah. I plied up two bobbins instead (photos tomorrow).

I finally managed to finish the fronts of the Rowanspun jacket (needs a snappier name!) and I think they look pretty good. I’ve also started a sleeve, which being on the short side and straight, should go pretty fast.

Here are the results of the sock yarn dyeing (it was fun – maybe I should do more). I found it terribly difficult to get a good photo of the colour though, so you’ll have to take my word for it. It’s a pinky-purpley colour, with unexpected (although not unwelcome) flecks of blue. It’s quite varigated, and I quite like it!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get better photos of the colour once I start the actual sock project!



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5 responses to “whoops, it’s late again”

  1. Sandra Avatar

    I am night person, too. Almost every night I am up (knitting, what else) al least to 0200, and sometimes to 0400.
    Agree with taking decent photo of yarn! I have similar problems – once I had to take more that 50 shoots just for one pic for my blog! Long live digital cameras!

  2. Chris Avatar

    Interesting that, based on the pictures, the jacket and the sock yarn are almost the same color.

  3. Leslie Avatar

    Come on, let’s see the Rowanspun! I bought some on Ebay and haven’t used it yet. I’m wondering how you like it and if it’s good for cabling or textured knitting.

  4. Dipsy D. Avatar

    I’m just like you, a true night person that enjoys the peace and quiet in the dark – even though lately my cat always woke me up around 5 am which means I’m crashing before midnight… :) Your jacket is coming along so fine, and wow, your sock yarn looks so gorgeous! Great job, looking forward to seeing the socks you’re going to make with it!

  5. Leah Avatar

    Love the sweater front – its very cute! I might look into it because thats something you can wear all the time with anything! The yarn is beautiful! Good for fall!

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