whew, the excitement!

I just wanted to thank you all for your kind comments on the skirt! It would’ve been a lot faster, I know, if I’d actually concentrated on working on it – each of the smallest hexagons took about and hour, and the largest ones about one and a half to two hours each, and there were 27 hexagons in total. But it was my snack knitting, something I nibbled at for and hour or two during lectures, on the subway…Now I just need to find the right undergarments: thick tights and maybe a black slip with a lace hem for an extra layer.

Anyway, onward and upward! I’ve been working like mad on the pressies (and uh, a sweater for me). I’m currently completely done 3 projects, save blocking – the harry potter scarf for my sister, the cabled gauntlets for my cousin, and the socks for my other sister.

Currently in progress:
– robot 1 of 2 has a front and two arms, so just the back and I’m good to go;
– fiery bolero is currently sitting my lap. I’m just at the point where the fronts divide, so the body knitting should be done soon. Picking up all those stitches though, that’s going to be a bitch.
– pasha is a pile of penguin parts, which need to be washed before assembly – the black Andean Silk that I used bled all over.

Still to do:
– robot 2 of 2 – will probably be faster than the first one
– a pair of felted clogs
– something for grandparents – still no idea what
– wine bottle cozy. and I need to locate the wine I want to buy to put in it.

According to Stephanie’s stages of holiday knitting, I’m still in stage 2 – I can do it, it’ll be fine, I just need to work at it.

If it weren’t for those pesky exams. Hmmmm.

I’d better get back to knitting.







3 responses to “whew, the excitement!”

  1. Julia Avatar

    I think black tights and a lacy hem peeking out from under that skirt would be so perfect. Congrats on your lovely skirt, and good luck on exams and knitting! I think your project list sounds totally do-able. At least you’re rational and didn;t decide on, like, lace shawls and cabled sweaters for people. =)

  2. yahaira Avatar

    you can so do it!
    Don’t your professors get that you have knitting to do?!

  3. Kelly Avatar

    You should probably buy two bottles of wine. One for the gift and one to get you through your holiday knitting.

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