I needed something new to knit (not like I don’t have piles of semi-knitted project already…but whatever) so I finally cast on for a project I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

A simple, plain, cardigan, out of cashmere.

long-awaited cashmere sweater

Handmaiden 4ply cashmere, to be exact! In a lovely natural taupey colour (it’s greyish, right ken?). And because it’s ever so captivating, I started this yesterday and am already done the yoke. Two hours of knitting during the Grey’s Anatomy finale helped!

I used Jody’s yoke from her Unwrapped sweater, and it looks great. There was a bit of pulling in the shoulder increases because of the increases right next to each other (and every row), but it’s only at the very top of the raglan.

neck increases

I do wish I’d modified the neckline for more of a true angled V rather than a rounded sweetheart neckline – the sudden increases every row make the line a little puckery. I’m sure it’ll work out though.

And check out that cashmere halo!

that cashmere halo

8 Responses to “when in doubt…cashmere”

  1. Preita

    This is going to be stunning & you are going to live in this sweater I bet! I will some day knit with cashmere, when I can get over sticker shock :D

  2. Rachel

    Wow, that looks amazing! How pretty, and the halo is perfectly “angelic” (pardon the pun).

  3. Keatyn

    Boy would I love to knit a sweater in cashmere but alas I can’t even afford to knit a hat in cashmere. I am sure you will love it and wear it all the time.


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