what’s on the needles?

Way too much, my friends! Let’s concentrate on knits that are actually in play, hm?

one long sock

Stripey knee socks. I started these on the trip, and am almost done one – I probably would’ve made more headway had my needles not broken in the middle, there! I did pick up a set of double points at le bon marche in paris, so I was able to get back to it in the later part of the trip. The yarn’s Indigo Moon fingering weight, in raspberry and chocolate. I really do love the stripes!


And on the hook rather than the needles, a crochet project. I like crochet, but I have a really difficult time finding projects that I’d want to make. I’m working up a cardigan, but I’m not entirely sure about how it’s going…oh well. This was a trip project too. I’m really not sure what I’m doing with this! The yarn is Fibre Company Savannah DK – it’s a really interesting yarn, sort of dry-feeling and nicely tweedy. The crocheted fabric is so much thicker than it would be if it was knit up, though. I think this one’s going into hiatus for awhile.

Still working on the koigu mittens, but they’re coming along – and since I’ve finally gone and made the chart on the computer (I’d written it by hand), the pattern’s coming right along too.

And then there’s all the various secret projects. One in particular is going to take up a bit of attention for the next little while! I’m cooking up some new designs, and wanting to do a website redesign (so don’t worry if it goes wonky in the next day or few, I’m just working on it), redo my workspace, buy software and hardware…so many things to do. I almost don’t know where to start, these days.

(Although I do enjoy making lists.)







15 responses to “what’s on the needles?”

  1. Katie Avatar

    Oh, wow!

    The site looks really nice!

  2. Jennifer Avatar

    I agree – love the new look :) But man, those socks are to die for. What a yummy colorway.

  3. Knittripps Avatar

    I love your new knee socks! The colors are beautiful. Some day I would like to knit a pair of knee socks.

  4. Debbie Avatar

    The socks are awesome! I know is seems that it takes forever to knit knee socks. The effort will be well worth it. I love the mittens! Did you publish a pattern for them? I would love to make them.

  5. sari Avatar

    i love the new site design! also, those pink and brown socks are great. :)

  6. Julia Avatar

    Mmm, yes… I like what you’ve done in here. Nice re-decorating!

    Those mittens are lookin’ pretty snazzy, too!

  7. Sheri-Lyn Avatar

    I love the new blog design!

  8. Doris Avatar

    Um, well – nothing new I can add here… just that the new design of your site looks so sophisticated and elegant! Very professional! Also: congratulations on your book!

  9. gleek Avatar

    oooh, you changed the blog! i’m interested in those socks and the seam up the back!

  10. Frances Avatar

    love the socks! is the colorway self-striping, or are you using two different colors?

  11. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Your redesign looks pretty snazzy!

    I’ve been lucky and never had a dpn break on me, but now I want to make sure I bring two pairs for my upcoming trip!

  12. maria Avatar

    The redesign looks great! So chic!

    I’m also totally in love of the fabric you got (previous post). I want it.

  13. Risa Avatar

    I’m loving the socks. I can’t wait to see the final result. Oh, and the mittens are to die for….loving them too!!

  14. Judy B Avatar
    Judy B

    Love the stripey knee highs. The name is making me hungry (raspberry and chocolate).

  15. Debbie Avatar

    Have fun signing your books! Awesome! The mittens are gorgeous. Are we getting the pattern, or is it already available?

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