well, then

I was going to post a bunch of new stuff to Etsy, only to find they’re in the middle of the upgrade (which I did know about, because I got an email!). If I’d posted last week like I said I would, I could’ve paid the before-upgrade fees rather than the new ones. D’oh. Oh well, I guess it’ll have to wait till Monday.

So! FO!

Super Silky Top-Down

Pattern: my own; top-down raglan with seed stitch borders, v-neck and waist shaping; crocheted neck edge

Yarn: my own (yay!);
1 strand handspun worsted-weight Louet-dyed merino/silk (80/20) 2 ply in “Princess Blue”, about 500 yards;
1 strand handspun fingering weight Fleece Artist dyed wool/silk (65/35) 2 ply, 640 yards.

Needles: Denise US 11.

Start to finish: less than a week!

Fastest sweater ever! And no leftovers! I ended up finishing the body, then dividing each yarn into two equal balls for the sleeves. Continued on the sleeve with both yarns until I ran out of the worsted weight, then doubled the fingering weight for the last few inches of sleeve. Blends right in!

It needed a good blocking – a nice soak evened everything out, and it grew a bit which I needed. Now I just need to find some kind of cool pin or something to keep it closed.



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55 responses to “well, then”

  1. Valerie Avatar

    I love love your sweater, I hope that you wrote down a pattern for it and that you will provide it to all of us knitters! I could definitely see myself wearing this sweater!
    Of course it wouldnt be my own handspun as I dont have that talent yet!

  2. Jen Avatar

    Wow! It’s awesome!!!

  3. pixie Avatar

    handspun, wow!

  4. Becky Avatar

    How cool is that, to use your own handspun, your own design. And it is beautiful! I love the look.

  5. not an artist Avatar

    Wow, it is gorgeous, and I hope you wrote the pattern up too because it is almost a perfect match for the sweater I’ve been dreaming of knitting for one of my sisters for Xmas.

  6. Michael Avatar

    I think the pin you’ve got there is just fine!

  7. Erica Avatar

    That’s a beautiful sweater. Great job!

  8. jody Avatar

    the colors are fabulous. that has to be one of the most wearable handspun garments i’ve ever seen. it’s awesome!

  9. Diane Murphy Avatar

    oh Laura, that is a gorgeous sweater! I absolutely love it!

  10. hpny knits Avatar

    great sweater.
    all your own- fab!
    you can also find a nice button and make an icord loop to close it when you need to.

  11. chris Avatar

    Beautiful- I definitely would pay for that pattern when and if you put it out!!! If you don’t mind my suggestion, please visit my etsy shop for cool pins made just for knit’s – scottsmountaincrafts.etsy.com I make some cool fibula type pins that would look great on your sweater!

  12. Lucette Avatar

    The sweater looks fabulous on you.
    Great work.

  13. rachel Avatar

    trifecta! fashionable, handspun and fast knit.

  14. Kessa Avatar

    Love the sweater! Hope you share the pattern!

  15. Leslie Avatar

    Another beautiful creation!

  16. gleek Avatar

    very cute!! looks perfect for the fall weather..

    and i kind of like the knitting needle closure :)

  17. Melanie Avatar

    I agree! I would love to knit this sweater.Very Pretty,You did great!

  18. Adrian Avatar

    It’s lovely. The little flare at the bottom is cute cute cute. And the midgety little needle closure is great!

    I’m amazed you got that much out of that little yarn.

  19. Esther Avatar

    very nice! i love the seed stich. i am working on the lucy pattern that i bought from you and this creation kinda reminds me of that. get the lucy cardi everyone! its very nice.

  20. brooke Avatar

    Gorgeous knitting!

  21. Nubiancraftster Avatar

    Love the colors on that sweater, you did a great job with the hand dyeing. You look lovely in it!

  22. Kim Avatar

    It’s so lovely, and looks super comfy!

  23. Rain Avatar

    Absolutely gorgeous! I would love to knit that for myself too, except, where on earth would I get handspun lol?!

    There are some lovely pins which you might like at Scout’s Swag. Do have a peek, they would compliment this so well.

  24. RoseM Avatar

    Another goregous creation! Please make the pattern available soon (I’ll gladly pay) as it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.
    Rose in Vancouver

  25. Jen S Avatar
    Jen S

    I love the cardigan! I hope you’ll post the pattern. Like the previous poster mentioned, I’d be happy to pay for it!

    Let me know…I’ve got some yarn waiting for a pattern like this one.

  26. Jo Avatar

    I like it – clean lines, and it flatters you. Yay for quick knits :)

  27. Julia Avatar

    It’s so beautiful! The way it fits, the seed stitch border, the lovely colors in your handspun yarn…I think the handspun is the best part…the colors really are gorgeous and understated.

  28. Miss Muffy Avatar

    You never cease to amaze me… you are a knitting superhero!

  29. robynn Avatar

    love the sweater! it’s so cute and comfy-looking! i acutally like the needle you used to close it. but if you were looking for other options check this site out


    maybe you could use something like the shepherd’s brooch pin. anyway, hope this pattern is available soon…i love it!
    cheers :)

  30. Jodie Avatar

    Are you saying that you made that sweater out of 650 yards!? I’m going to have to through my stash again, and see what I can make. It’s very cute, and I love the shape. The perfect thing to warm up a t-shirt or tank. Lovely!

  31. alison Avatar

    I love it — so simple, and it looks so comfortable. A girl can never have enough cardigans.

  32. kris Avatar

    i like the mini knitting needle pin as well! the cardi is lovely; so comfy and beautifully simple.

  33. evergreenknits Avatar

    Sweater is gorgeous!! I am consistently impressed by how you manage to produce so many beautiful yarns and knitted objects, turning them out in no time despite work, school, etc.

    If you don’t have time to write up the pattern, would you think about adding a few more pattern notes (for those of us already familiar with the top-down raglan construction)? For example, was the seed stitch picked up and knit at the end, or knit as you went?

  34. wolfpacknwool Avatar

    Wow, this is beautiful! I hope you can find the perfect pin, although for the picture, I liked the way you closed it! Nice work.

  35. Crystal Avatar

    I adore this sweater! Will the pattern be available?

  36. Kathy Avatar

    It’s lovely, Laura. Fits great — just beautiful!

  37. Kirsten Avatar

    It’s fantastic! I love the yarn, the fit and the pattern. Nothing beats a top-down raglan for speed! I love the way you used the shawl pin for a closure.

  38. Julia Avatar

    Oh, I love it! Beautiful colors, and lovely, lovely handspun!

  39. Juno Avatar

    Sexy. Very nice. And I love the stick closure.

  40. bekka Avatar

    super lovely. especially covet that neckline!

  41. cookie Avatar

    I loved seeing the sweater on you. Good job! Handspun and everything!

  42. pamela wynne Avatar

    hott! Once Etsy is back up and running, you should check there for pins — I got a vintage bird-shaped shawl pin from an Etsy seller for $10.

  43. Gina Avatar

    It is beautiful!

  44. juniperjune Avatar

    that yarn is beautiful! and i love the sweater design; i too hope you share it!

    (i was linked here from the livejournal knitting community– hello!)

  45. Sherri Avatar

    Pattern, I NEED that pattern …… looks fab!!!

  46. carolyn Avatar

    Nice! yessy, recipe for sweater, please. I need a real quick knit…thanks

  47. carolyn Avatar

    Nice! I need a real quick knit…thanks

  48. Allison Avatar

    Wow! Is that ever gorgeous. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

  49. Sheila Avatar

    This is totally the sweater that I have been wanting to knit but I can’t find a pattern! If you ever publish it, please let us know. :) Beautiful.

  50. Sheila Avatar

    Ooooh! I want that!

  51. Malin Avatar

    Great cardi! Lovely shape, lovely yarn. I’d have to knit it if you share the pattern.

  52. Pia Avatar

    Very nice! Yes, I agree, please post the pattern!

  53. Jody Avatar

    Gorgeous sweater! I recently got the Unpattern – top down sweaters – and want to do a cardigan similar to yours. It’s just lovely!

  54. Sheila Avatar

    Thanks again for your inspiration – I finished my own version of this sweater yesterday. I love it!

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