We Got Married!

October 15, 2016 – we missed Rhinebeck this year, but for good reason: we got married! And now we can always have a reason to go to Rhinebeck since it’ll be our anniversary!

Mostly photos from me, but Dale wrote a post about our wedding for work with a few more details.

On to the photos! Our photographer David Waldman did an amazing job. A few are by me and my sisters.

















Dress: Modcloth Sparkling Celebration, cashmere cardigan from Uniqlo
Shoes: Fluevog Margie
Rings: Jon Pollack via Made You Look
Flowers: Crown Flora Studio







21 responses to “We Got Married!”

  1. Kimmy Avatar

    Congrats to you both! What an adorable couple you make. Love the dress and the fact that you did it “your way”. The red shoes speak to this. Totally you. Love your knitting. Keep up the great work. Wishing you many happy years together. Hugs, Kimmy

  2. Minerva Avatar

    Congratulations! What a beautiful wedding and photos. Thank you for sharing them. I hope you start a trend, those big weddings, even as a guest, give me the heebie jeebies.

  3. Nadine Remont Avatar
    Nadine Remont

    You were beautiful! Lovely dress. Congratulations !

  4. Sue Avatar

    It really was THE BEST DAY EVER!!!
    XO XO XO

  5. Hilary Avatar

    Wishing you much joy and peace.

  6. Karen (carrotmusic on Ravelry) Avatar
    Karen (carrotmusic on Ravelry)

    Congratulations! I was married in October myself, and I am in favor of having weddings in the fall – the weather was terrific.

    As for introverts getting married, my nephew and his bride were married in Jamaica all alone – just the two of them and the chaplain. I admit, I felt kind of left out (but probably nothing compared to how their parents felt). But I guess it was what they wanted… and they did have a reception a few weeks later to which all and sundry were invited.

  7. Diane Fuller Avatar
    Diane Fuller

    Congratulations! You were a beautiful bride and you make a lovely couple! Love the red shoes!

  8. Cynthia Avatar

    So happy for you! You look amazing! Dress so pretty, love the shoes!

  9. Peggi Avatar

    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the most beautiful and happy photos! You look absolutely gorgeous! I like your taste and style, so unique and nostalgic. I wish you BOTH much Happiness and Prosperity!

  10. Jan E. Avatar
    Jan E.

    Oh Laura, you are a beautiful bride. Best wishes to you and Dale.

  11. Sharon long Avatar
    Sharon long


  12. Susan Avatar

    The photos are gorgeous and it looks like the wedding you planned was perfect for you! Many congratulations and best wishes for many many happy years together.

  13. S. J. Pajonas Avatar

    Congratulations you two!! I’m so happy for you both. The photos are gorgeous too, and great choice of footwear. :) <3

  14. yvette Avatar

    You look beautiful. I got married at Toronto City Hall way back as well. It’s surprising pleasant isn’t it.
    Wonderful photos. Mazel tov!

  15. grumperina Avatar

    Congrats Laura and Dale! You look absolutely beautiful on your wedding day, that dress is gorgeous! Many many happy years together to the two of you!

  16. Bev Avatar

    Congratulations to you both. I wish you both a long life filled with love, good health and happiness xxx

  17. Gina in the SF Bay Area Avatar
    Gina in the SF Bay Area

    Congratulations! Everything is so beautiful. I love the red shoes! Comfort is also important on your wedding day.

  18. Beth Avatar

    Congratulations! Pretty pix, pretty bride and groom. I enjoyed reading Dale’s article. You two are right on – it’s the being married that matters, not all the pomp. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

  19. Melissa Avatar

    Mazel tov, Laura and Dale!

  20. duni Avatar

    Yay congratulations! What a gorgeous dress (and THE SHOES!)! You both look amazing! So happy for you. :)

  21. Virginia Avatar


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