As in, I’m drowning in work. Ugh. But I remind myself, by this time (edit: next week, can you see how my brain is fried?) it’ll be over, for better or worse…

So, some knittings and things to show, despite all the work (girl’s gotta do something to relax before bed, or she don’t sleep):

Progress on Sideways (not) Spencer:

I’m working on the right front straight section, before I bind off for the right sleeve. Have I mentioned how much I love Cotton Fleece? As a side note, I bought quite a bit of yarn for this project but won’t be needing it all – hurrah, trading in for some roving without actually spending money!

Now. Cotton Fleece.

I got a whole 10 skeins off eBay for less than $40 USD (including shipping to Canada!) – it’s seconds, you might be able to see in the bigger picture, on the left. I know it just looks black in the picture, but it’s actually very dark brown – definitely not black. I’m planning on probably doing a classic allover cable and rib pullover, but not for a while.

I started a new project – a skirt for my sister, out of coned unmercerized cotton from Camilla Valley Farm, in raspberry. It’s a weird colour though, sort of a mauvey rose. She chose it based on the actual colour card, so she’d better like it!

I actually washed my swatch and all that for this project, so I know how much it’ll shrink. I’m thinking of doing some eyelets and drop stitch sections lower down. Making good progress – I only started yesterday. One thing about the yarn though – it is SPLITTY!

So, that’s it for now. I probably won’t be around too much this week what with all the exams and such. Oh, I do have a finished Tivoli Tee to show you – but only after it’s washed and blocked. Coming soon!

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  1. ~Jo~

    Bloglines must be playing wiht my mind… it didn’t update for a few days and I knew you couldn’t be not blogging for so long! How comforting to know all is well. I hope to get a feel of cotton fleece sometime soon as I really have no idea what it’s like.


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