vogue stitchionary giveaway!

Stitchionary 5

I have a copy of the new Vogue Stitchionary to give away! Volume Five is lace knitting, and it’s super – over 150 stitches patterns, each with a chart as well as written instructions and a good photo. I’m a huge fan of stitch dictionaries and this one will be getting lots of use!

If you’d like a copy too, leave a comment below and share what your favourite type of lace to knit is (or just if you’re looking to branch out into it!). One winner will be picked at random and sent a copy of Vogue Stitchionary 5 courtesy of Sixth&Spring Books. Make sure you leave an email address so I can contact you! Email addresses are not shown publicly.

This contest will close Saturday, June 5, 2010 at 11:59PM.







481 responses to “vogue stitchionary giveaway!”

  1. Carol Finlay Avatar
    Carol Finlay

    I love knitting shells and arrows and am beginning to get into more floral lace patterns. I would DIE for a copy of this, so please, please enter my name!

    Many thanks!

  2. Wendy Avatar

    I’ve never done any lace knitting but would love to try! This might just be the inspiration I need.

  3. connie Avatar

    I’d love a copy! I love all lace, but especially large scale lace I find really neat (and challenging!).

  4. Katie Avatar

    Super-FUN!! What a great giveaway! I haven’t ton a ton of lace, but would love to do more!

  5. Sycha Avatar

    Hello Connie, Thank you for the giveway! I love to knit lace for shawls and socks, but not to complicated as I like to remember it quickly. Having no stitionary yet, it would be a great surprise for me to win.

  6. MiniLaura Avatar

    ooh! I don’t have this volume yet! I love knitting all kinds of lace. I really want to knit a Niebling sometime in the future.

  7. telma costa Avatar

    I would LOVE this book because i’ve been trying to gather as many resource books as possible so that i could start making my own patterns. I’ve been obsessed with lace since i knit my first leaf lace scarf. floral lace patterns are my fave right now…. I’m in the process of trying… trying being the key word to design a shawl and this book would so help me with the knowledge and inspiration i so very much need :)

  8. Merna Avatar

    I’ve only done a little knitting so far, but it’s captivating and I will do mre. OTN a sock yarn scarf with a lace edging.

  9. Lisa E Avatar
    Lisa E

    I love the floral/leaf lace patterns, and have had an idea percolating in my head for months for a design incorporating them. I just need to figure out how to transfer it from my head to reality. :)

  10. Kimberly Avatar

    Oh, I love these stitchionaries! My favorite lace project so far has used a lace leaf type pattern – so gorgeous! I’d love to venture out and try some other lace stitch patterns – thanks for offering up the book!

  11. Abby C. Avatar
    Abby C.

    I love lace! I love triangle shaped lace edgings – I can’t get enough of them!

  12. Maureen Avatar

    So far, I’ve only been successful with feather and fan style lace, but I’m itching to try some other patterns!

  13. Mary Avatar

    Wow, what a great giveaway. I’ve only started knitting lace patterns, but my favourite are patterns that resemble flowers/plants.

  14. Cyndi Avatar

    I would be so thrilled to win a copy of the Vogue Stitchionary!! Even though I have been knitting for years and years, I am just beginning down the path of lace knitting. I love the magic that happens to lace when it is blocked!

  15. dana Avatar

    i love patterns that are interesting enough to keep my interest, but that i can memorize within a few repeats.

  16. Lynae Avatar

    I love every type of Lace knitting!

  17. Micki Avatar

    I love geometric patterns…

  18. Andi Avatar

    Would love to have a stitch dictionary to help me branch out with my lace knitting. Heard from others that this is a delightful book!

  19. Christina Avatar

    I’m a big fan of traditional Estonian and Shetland lace patterns. They’re challenging, but that just means they keep my interest for a long time.

  20. Marisa Avatar

    The new volume looks great! I really like knitting lacey socks and wide scarfy-shawly things that you can bunch up around your neck in the winter. So toasty warm :D

  21. Lisa Page Avatar

    I love knitting, esp. scarves. all that I knit I donate to our local womans shelter. I’d love to have the vogue Lace knitting book so that I could learn some lace stitches to incorporate into my scarves, to give a beautiful scarf makes my heart sing.

  22. Janet Avatar

    I love leaf patterns; I have this book on my wishlist :-)

  23. sil Avatar

    I’d like to try one of the many lace patterns in one of the Treasuries that have about 80 pattern rows…never have tho.

    What I choose to knit lacewise is anything that has a purl row on the return side – much less scary.

  24. Amy Avatar

    I love to knit Orenburg Lace – especially the Honeycomb pattern.

  25. Elizabeth GM Avatar

    It’s kind of you to do a giveaway. This book looks tasty. I’m not a big shawl knitter — in fact, I’m a little baffled by the wild popularity of shawls — and I’m not super-femme. But I do like lace in some pieces, especially if it’s more geometric.

  26. Gwynne Avatar

    Thank you doing this. I love knitting angular designs with big increases and decreases. A book like this could really help me as a fledgling designer. I have ideas but something gets “lost in translation”.

  27. Sherry Avatar

    I would love to have the book! I love lace knitting. I love knitting shawls and scarves; favourite pattern is swallowtail shawl.

  28. Maria Avatar

    Oh… I love that book!

    One of my favorite lace patterns leafy lace. I really like leaves on my lace.

    Thank you so much Laura for this giveaway!

  29. Elspeth Avatar

    I love Feather and Fan. It’s a classic!

  30. Kaitlin Avatar

    Would love the vogue stitchionary; I have a couple of other ones and I find them so helpful and useful.


  31. Truc-Ha Duong Avatar
    Truc-Ha Duong

    I love knitting lace with charts! I am intrigued both by lace patterns and how a designer can make them coalesce into a larger whole; I’m working on a Girasole now and am looking at the super spiral shawl. I think they’re great examples of fitting patterns into a larger whole. I’ve also borrowed a copy of the first stitchionary to make linen facecloths out of a few repeats. I’d love a stitchionary with charts!

  32. Debbie Avatar

    I’ve been learning to knit new lace patterns for the last 6 months and would love to win this book. I love lace, and am challenged to incorporate new lace patterns into my scarves I knit as gifts.

  33. emily Avatar

    What a fun give-away! I love eyelets, and lots of ’em :)

  34. Rebecca Avatar

    Ooh, I would love this! I enjoy doing eyelet combinations but love much any lace in general… it’s so fun to do!

  35. Susanne Avatar

    Have to enter, even though I never win these things! Lately I’m really into knitted-on lace edgings, even after doing the 1500+ rows on the border of Bridgewater.

  36. Renee Avatar

    Oh I must have that book! I love lace, especially on socks and would love to try incorporating it into a cardigan like your honeybee :)

  37. Meredith Avatar

    Hey, Laura…I read your blog regularly and am especially enjoying the fine gauge sweaters you’ve been designing and knitting lately. Thanks for having this little giveaway!

  38. Tamara Grand Avatar
    Tamara Grand

    I am relatively new to lace. In fact, your Milkweed Shawl was my first lace shawl! My newest challenge is adding beads to my shawls. Sure does slow down the knitting!
    Thanks for this great give-away!

  39. Sarah Avatar

    Lace knitting and I have a complicated relationship. I love the concept of it, but I’m a bit scatterbrained when it comes to the actual execution, often resulting in Tragedy. (The capital ‘T’ is important.) I’d definitely like to get more into it, especially as I’m branching out into making and modifying my own patterns.

  40. Erin Avatar

    I’m just starting to look at lace–I’m a pretty new knitter! I’d love to just poke around in it and knit a bunch of little swatches of all the different patterns.

  41. JoAnn - WI Avatar

    I do not have a lace pattern preference, due to the fact that I’m a Newbie at lace knitting. I’m attempting my first shawl (Dane) currently. This book looks like it could be very helpful.

  42. Karli Avatar

    Lace has been on my mind especially since I am now expecting a baby :-) have seen some great blankets that I would love to make as heirlooms. I would love the book!

  43. Kate Lang Avatar
    Kate Lang

    I only just started knitting lace recently. My first project was a 64″ baby blanket. Go big or go home, right? :) I’ve got this book on my wishlist for my 30th birthday in July. :)

  44. lindsay Avatar

    i’m not an experienced lace knitter, but would love to learn more.

  45. Erika Avatar

    I love all kinds of lace knitting, but I especially love the excitement of taking a pattern made for lace-weight yarn and knitting it in a thicker yarn!

  46. Robyn Avatar

    I love anything with yarn overs! Thanks for having this contest!

  47. Jen Avatar

    I don’t have a favorite lace pattern yet, but I’m leaning toward lacy ruffles on shawlettes. I like lace patterns in everything except socks.

  48. Jaimi Avatar

    My favorite kind of lace to knit is, well, ANY. Any with a chart, anyway. Depends on my mood–sometimes I like a challenge, with non-repeating patterns and patterning on both sides. Sometimes I want something I can memorize with rest rows. Sometimes I want something in between.

  49. Kelly K Avatar
    Kelly K

    I’m just getting started with lace knitting, so I don’t have a favorite pattern yet. This book would be a great way for me to find one though!

  50. Amber Avatar

    After a fairly long break (thanks grad school!) I’m loving all lace – anything that takes some brain power and yet doesn’t require a mathematical proof! I have a special place in my heart for my two triangular shawls – loving them way more than light weight cardigans, and I can’t wait to cast on some more…

  51. Kelly B. Avatar

    I am just starting to knit lace patterns (Que Sera sweater) and am just knitting my first sweater with lace weight yarn (featherweight cardi). I love it! I’ve only been knitting for about 7 months now, and I am really looking forward to learning more about lace knitting.

  52. aliceq Avatar

    I used to think I wasn’t a shawl person, but I’ve discovered that I am! Aside from that, I use lace motifs in the socks I design for myself. I could always use more resources for that, especially if there are good illustrations; the BW pictures in my Barbara Walker books don’t always give me a good idea of how something will work up.

  53. Laura B Avatar
    Laura B

    Just beginning to knit lace with laceweight yarn!

  54. Erica Avatar

    I’m currently on a triangular lace shawlette kick. This would be a great addition to my library that might give me the push I need to start designing my own shawls.

  55. Dawn in ND Avatar
    Dawn in ND

    I’ve been adding little shawls & scarves to my Rav queue, and I’ve noticed that they are getting lacier as I add! I’ve also noticed as I get more experience, I like projects that have more lace too. I’d love to have a chance at winning the new stitch dictionary.

  56. Mary E Avatar
    Mary E

    Oooh! Want! I’ve only ever done one lace pattern (leaves), but it turned out beautifully and I’d love to try more.

  57. Brinn Avatar

    Oh, I love lace. Mostly in other things (socks, sweaters, tanks, hats, etc), but I do love me a good triangle shawl. I want to get more into designing things with lace, and this book would really help!

  58. marlie Avatar

    I LOVE knitting lace! My favorites are geometric shapes and floral patterns. I’m also looking forward to starting my first Estonian lace pattern. Yay!

  59. Amie Avatar

    I like very simple lace patterns that are easy to memorize.

  60. debbie Avatar

    I’m just starting out with lace knitting. I’ve done some very basic eyelet patterns, and I’m branching out into small shawls for the summer and fall.

  61. Anne B. Avatar

    I believe the correct answer is “What is All lace Knitting is good”. How can you choose after all?

  62. Corvus Avatar

    I’ve only begun lace knitting recently, but I want to learn more (and, of course, incorporate it into my own designs).

  63. Joyce Avatar

    I have done a few lace pieces….leaf lace scarf, arctic diamonds stole and Twinings….but I’m not sure I’ve done enough variety to know my favorite type of lace knitting.

  64. Ariel Avatar

    I’ve only worked a little with lace but would love to try more.

  65. Wendy Avatar

    I love leaf lace… would love a copy of this stitchionary!

  66. knitography Avatar

    Pick a favourite lace to knit?? Impossible! I do prefer projects that include more than one motif though.

  67. Sarah Avatar

    Lace is so beautiful! I would love to try it out sometime

  68. Wendy Avatar

    I have not done much lace and would love to learn more. This looks like a great resource. Thanks for the opportunity.

  69. Dara Avatar

    Lace… I have tried some and I love the leafy looking ones. Also the gull wing. BUt I do need to try many more….

  70. CL Avatar

    Lace is what’s keeping me knitting right now. I love exploring and using new stitches in my designs/modifications. Lace is fun and has such a great range–from simplicity to complexity.

  71. Mali Avatar

    I’ve done lots of lace, almost exclusively shawls and scarves. I’m exploring lace patterns for cardigans right now. I like to shape my cardigans, which is definitely a consideration when picking a pattern. So far, columnar patterns work best.

  72. kelly jo Avatar

    Very awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. kelly jo Avatar

    Ack – hit submit too soon!! I’m just starting to try some lace knitting, I’m really looking forward to incorporating it into some scarves.

  74. riotyarn Avatar

    I would like to win this book! I love to knit but I have not explored the world of lace yet. But I’m hoping to win so I can.

  75. Jacey Avatar

    I just saw this on Amazon yesterday. It looks like a great library addition!

  76. Astoria Avatar

    My favorite type of lace to do is lace vests and sweaters on worsted or dk weight. I also love to make toe-up lace socks — I love wendy’s books for that. I’m working currently on my very first lace shawl, designed by through the loops. It’s complicated, with patterning on all rows. I’m going slowly. :) I’d love to win the book, I don’t have a lace stitch dictionary.

  77. Lucy Avatar

    I also love knitting lace! It fascinates me that there are so many patterns that can arise just from combinations of increases and decreases. I’m knitting Cookie A’s Clandestine sock right now and am loving the lace pattern. It’s so intricate!

  78. Shayna Avatar

    I really love knitting sweaters with simple allover lace patterns. Throwing a cable in there too to keep things just interesting enough to knit is a go-to as well.

  79. Keri Avatar

    I love all lace!

  80. Lydia Avatar

    I haven’t done all that much lace knitting, but I find myself drawn to nature-type lace. Leaves, vines, flowers, etc.

  81. Jan Avatar

    I’d like to start designing my own patterns using allover lace and this book will be a huge help! I hope I win, but it’s a must buy, if not!

  82. orianna Avatar

    I love almost all types of lace, but recently I’ve been enjoying knitting nupps a lot! I’m looking forward to reading and looking at this new stitchionary

  83. Jess Avatar

    I’m a new knitter and I tried lace knitting last year and it didn’t work out so well for me. But I have another year of knitting under my belt and want to branch out into lace knitting again and I think this book would be an excellent resource for me. I don’t have a favorite-yet. :)

  84. Julia P Avatar
    Julia P

    I’m just now getting into lace, and haven’t progressed past the basic *YO, k2tog*, but I’m willing to give it a shot. :D

  85. mel Avatar

    I’d love to have this book! I love lace and would like to learn more stitches. This book would finish off my Vogue collection too.

  86. Liesl Avatar

    This sounds like an excellent volume – I’m excited to hear they included charts. I love knitting lace in socks as well as in heavier yarns!

  87. Esther Avatar

    Since I restarted knitting around five years ago I always have something lacey on my needles, in shawls as well in parts of sweaters and cardigans.
    I’d definitely love a copy of this wonderful new book!

  88. Leslie Avatar

    I love looking at stitch patterns and trying them out. I’ll cross my fingers! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  89. etcgirl Avatar

    Hey, commenters, way to represent! :)

    I love any kind of lace that has many kinds of lace. Changes in the main field, border patterns, layered border patterns … bring it on. Having to knit the same pattern over and over (and over) again does not make me happy.

  90. Jolene Avatar

    I love lace in general… but in particular vines and leaves seem to catch my attention lately, and things like feather and fan :)

    Looks like a great Book!

    Thanks again
    Jolene (jobodesigns on Ravelry)

  91. Sheryl Zentner Avatar

    I took a wonderful Lace knitting class with Sivia Harding and ever since lace has been a constant WIP for me. Currently I am branching out into designing lace garments and would like to be able to continue to learn and develop my lace knowledge and designing skills.

  92. Lynn Avatar

    I love lace of all kinds! I’m especially fond of shawls and stoles which are impressive, but not too fussy. Although fussy can be good too.

  93. Ereuyi Avatar

    I’ve only done one lace shawl, from Victorian Lace Today, and started on a shawl using the Frost Flowers pattern from Barbara Walker. I’m really interested in big, detailed lace patterns, the ones that don’t really repeat, but they also kind of intimidate me.

  94. Shannon Avatar

    I haven’t knit much lace so far, aside from a lace baby blanket pattern for my sister’s first child! Looking to branch out and do some more though, as I have a nice little stash of laceweight to start knitting with!

  95. Susannah Avatar

    I love doilies! I am, in many ways, not a girly girl, but there’s something about the mathematical nature of lace and the over-the-top fussiness for fancy fussiness’ sake that makes my heart go pitter-pat :)

  96. Kathy Avatar

    I keep looking at lace patterns and thinking I should try this, but I haven’t. I mean, you need a break from socks and fair isle sometimes–and this would be a good one.

  97. Rhian Drinkwater Avatar

    I love little simple patterns of lace on socks. I’ve recently started designing my own, so a resource like this would be amazing!

  98. Robin Avatar

    I love knitting lace shawls and lacy socks.

  99. Elizabeth S Avatar
    Elizabeth S

    I’ve loved every lace pattern I’ve tried so far. Even when I’ve seen photos of the finished pattern it’s always amazing to watch it take shape as it falls away from the needles – it seems so improbable.

  100. Janet Avatar

    I’m a newbie lace knitter, so I haven’t done much yet. But I managed to make the Meret hat from Woolywormhead which is sort of like a variation of Pine Trees. And that gave me the confidence to try a feather and fan scarf!

  101. kkkkatie Avatar

    I love knitting lace shawls and scarfs

  102. Gini Avatar

    I’ve never knitted lace before, but I’m definitely planning to branch into it!

  103. kkkkatie Avatar

    I love knitting lace shawls

  104. Jen Avatar

    I love geometric lace patterns, and I love the stitchionary series.

  105. Heather Avatar

    So far I haven’t really knit with laceweight yarn, but I would love to try it. I’ve knit a few lacy things with sock yarn and Ysolda’s Ishbel has been my favorite. I’ve made it twice!

  106. kingshearte Avatar

    I haven’t attempted any knitted lace, but Jared Flood’s Juneberry Triangle (http://brooklyntweed.net/blog/?p=265) has made me want to try it more than anything else I’ve seen has. So, so pretty.

  107. porpoise Avatar

    I’d love a copy of this book! My favorite lace at the moment involves nupps (I just got Nancy Bush’s book), but I’m also a big fan of knitted on edgings. And blocking. I love blocking lace!

  108. Rhonda Avatar

    Estonian lace is probably my favourite, although I love all kinds. I have been thinking of designing a lace shawl myself, so this stitchionary would come in very handy for me, right now!

  109. Mary Avatar

    I love making lace hats.

  110. Linda Avatar

    I haven’t done any lace knitting, but want to try it. This book would be a great help!

  111. Marissa Avatar

    I’m looking to get into lace knitting- I have the yarn, but some of the pattern make me want to run and hide. I’ve got a Veil of Isis on the needles, and I’m really liking it so far.

  112. Kari Avatar

    Triangular lace shawlettes are my favorite- getting ready to cast one on right now!

  113. maureenC Avatar

    I just completed my second Swallowtail shawl, and now I can’t decide which lace shawl to start next.

  114. Kara Avatar

    I love really light lace (like wedding ring shawls), or really big lace (worsted weight or heavier). The stuff in-between is nice too, but I’m sort of an extremist. :)

  115. Tina M. Avatar

    I adore lace of all kinds. Lace socks, lacey tops, lace hats, lace shawls, lace wraps. Knitted lace, crochet lace, I don’t care.

    My favorite kinds of lace to knit would have to knit on a regular basis would be lace socks, but lace shawls and wraps are quickly bringing up the rear. Right now I’m knitting two lace shawls for the two weddings I’m in during October, two weeks apart. Crazy cakes.

  116. Mary de B Avatar

    Love to knit lace! Right now I’m making a very simple scarf from Victorian Lace Today, and my favourite kind of lace is shawls!!

  117. Laura Avatar

    I’m new to lace. I’m working on a Traveling Woman shawl right now, and I’m finding lace to be seriously addictive! I’d love to learn more about it.

  118. Kate N. Avatar
    Kate N.

    I’m fairly new to lace so I’m not sure I have a favorite as of yet! I made a lace stole for my mom recently – that was probably my favorite lace project to date.

  119. April Avatar

    I’d love a copy. I’m basically a sucker for any type of lace that looks like leaves. Just can’t help myself.

  120. Mujercita Avatar

    What a pretty cover to that book! I’d love a copy- lately I’ve been working on some small, simple lace accessories, or on larger pieces with a lace edging.

  121. Jurga Avatar

    Thanks for wonderful giveaway! I love lace sweaters and lace shawls :)

  122. Wendolene Avatar

    Ooh! I am a huge fan of all lace, but I love one-sided patterns (lace knitting or knitted lace? can’t remember which that is) and geometric patterns that you can “read” as you knit. I’m thinking the Icarus and Flower Basket Shawl lace patterns, which are both one-sided and are both easy enough to “read” that you can forget your instructions at home and still keep knitting!

  123. Leah Avatar

    I usually am drawn to leafy/swirly/rounded lace patterns. Ostrich feather lace is probably one of my favourite stitch patterns.

  124. enidb Avatar

    Lace is an exciting challenge in knitting for me. I am finishing a triangular shawl and like leaf patterns. This book would really keep me going.

  125. Melanie Avatar

    There are different kinds of lace knitting? I guess I need to do more then because I didn’t know that. lolol (I’ve done lacey socks and scarves. Never a complicated shawl though. Will dig into it sooner or later though.)

  126. Meleesa Avatar

    I love lace.. I have yet to find a lace that I didn’t care for..

  127. Tasha Avatar

    This looks gorgeous! I’m in the learning process, so I’m doing simpler things. I’m working on a Springtime Bandit now!

  128. Kassia Avatar

    Socks! They are my favorite lace knitting at the moment. :)

  129. Jessica Avatar

    I like the kind that looks complicated but is easy to memorize.

  130. Natalie B Avatar
    Natalie B

    I love pretty much every kind of lace I come into contact with, but most of all, I love a pattern that has a definite repeat – then I have it memorized in no time flat and it’s almost as easy as stockinette! My favorite projects were the ones I made as gifts for my omas (grandmothers) when I went to visit them in Holland after being away for 10 years. I was so happy to be able to share with them, after all the sweaters and socks they had made me!

  131. Gabriela Avatar

    I love all type of lace!! Victorian, Estonian.
    I love knit lace shawls and scarves

  132. Katherine Avatar

    I’ve been on a silly lace kick lately. I’m mostly overwhelmed with a desire to knit lacy leaves and flowers and pine cones 18 hours a day. Unfortunately my job does not accommodate that kind of dedication.

  133. Adrienne Avatar

    I love easy to memorize lace patterns – with a tendency towards socks!

  134. Jen Avatar

    I’m not sure if the cocoon stitch qualifies as lace, but it’s one of my favorite textures.

  135. Lise Avatar

    I also love to knit leafy lace patterns, and recently have found I like the challenge of patterning on both sides!

  136. Yolande Avatar

    I’ve knit a lace shawl for my daughter’s wedding last year and really enjoyed it. Am looking forward to knitting more projects with lace.

  137. Bev Avatar

    I love knitting the small triangle shawls, but I’m getting ready to branch out to bigger ones. My daughter is getting married this fall and I need to do something a little fancier. :)

  138. Marilyn Avatar

    Addicted to knitting lace! Anything lace!

  139. Lauren Avatar

    I love all lace indiscriminately, but my very favorite is the honeybee stitch pattern. I first encountered it when making a Sarcelle shawl, and am hoping to get around to making a Honeybee Cardigan this summer so I can use it again!

  140. Katie Avatar

    I love floral and leaf patterns. Last winter I knit two swallowtail shawls, and they were so fun!

  141. Gabriela Avatar

    I love all kind of lace!! Victorian, Estonian… I love lace shawls and scarves

  142. Elizabeth Avatar

    I don’t know if I really know the names for the types of lace I have knit….I really like wearing lacy shawls though, so maybe that counts!

  143. Melinda Jane Tomerlin Avatar

    would love to learn lace work…

  144. naomi Avatar

    Type of lace…maybe Estonian. I’m somewhat shawl-obsessed, but I’d like to branch out into lace sweaters.

  145. edina Avatar

    I’m just getting into lace knitting so I’m still learning – a lace stitchionary would be a great reference book for me!

  146. Lynn Bee Avatar

    Hello again Laura.
    I enjoy beaded lace and am venturing into designing my own patterns; so that book would go quite nicely into my collection of other stitchionaries.
    I’m working on my spinning, thanks for your help, and maybe someday I’ll be able to spin lace to knit a little something, something from that lovely book that you’re giving away!

  147. Kathy G. Avatar
    Kathy G.

    I love making leaf lace or other nature inspired floral lace designs. What a great giveaway.

  148. Lyndzi Avatar

    I have always wanted to branch out into more lace work. I’ve only tried a few and though the names escape me, I like the ones that look like little roses. Plus stitch dictionaries just rock in general ^_^

  149. StacieB. Avatar

    I love lace, but it has to keep my interest. I’ve been working on a scarf for ages because it is just the same repeat over and over again…

  150. Silverlotus Avatar

    I haven’t knit much lace, but I have loved all of it that I have tried so far. Except nupps.

  151. Kiersten Avatar

    I’ve been smitten with Estonian lace lately…on a grand scale!

  152. ikkinlala Avatar

    I like leaf and geometric lace patterns.

  153. Renee Avatar

    Leaves! I love anything with leaves. Or any lace that makes a design.

  154. Beth Avatar

    I just started knitting lace shawlettes and I love them!

  155. Carrie Avatar

    I love geometric shapes and patterns… probably the scientist in me coming through! I have volumes 1-3, so I’d love to be able to add this to my collection!

  156. May Avatar

    I love all lace, but am looking to try to do start to work on more lace that is knitted on both sides with no rest rows. baby steps.

  157. Jes Deamer Avatar

    I love a good botanical lace (anything meant to resemble a leaf or flower)….

  158. Kelly Avatar

    oooo I’m obsessed with knitting shawls. I love them so much!

  159. spider Avatar

    i love all kinds of lace. i just started knitting lace year ago. it is so much fun!

  160. Julie La Salle Avatar
    Julie La Salle

    I just started with lace. I am currently working on the PI shawl by EZ.

  161. Ella Avatar

    I haven’t done a ton of lace knitting, but I really want to get more into it- I think my favourites are patterns that look like leaves.

  162. Jocelyn Avatar

    I want to tackle NUPPS!

  163. tracey Avatar

    I am just starting to venture into lace knitting, but I really like the leaf patterns.

  164. Sue J. Avatar
    Sue J.

    My favorite lace pattern is….Wait! I love all lace patterns. Totally addicted. Would love to have a copy of this book. Thanks!

  165. Elaine Avatar

    What a lovely book – I just love exploring new lace structures so this new book is excellent. I love the complexity of shawl and wrap patterns especially Jane Araujo’s (mawelucky on rav) shawls like Gail and her new one Luiza – gorgeous! I think my lace skills could do with some honing so I can take these patterns in my stride:)

  166. Kira Avatar

    I’m just starting knitting lace–did the Traveling Woman shawl and got hooked. I’d love to have this book!

  167. Sara Avatar

    Oooh, I would love this! I adore knitting lace!

  168. Joan Hamer Avatar
    Joan Hamer

    I love lace knitting and just finished a six foot lace canopy for a wedding. I would love the book.

  169. Barbara Avatar

    I love lace on socks! Looks like a fabulous book.

  170. Michal Margala Avatar

    I’ve done a couple of lace knitting pieces, but have never learned to block them correctly. I’ll have to try again…they’re so pretty when done well.

  171. Gaby Avatar

    I love knitting leaf lace patterns, but it would be fun to branch out into other kinds of lace.

  172. KatherineR Avatar

    I just started in on lace. The February Lady sweater got me hooked!

  173. Jessimuhka Avatar

    I love triangle shawls, and especially, Estonian lace.

  174. Marie Avatar

    Jared Flood’s “Juneberry” makes me swoon as does much of Anne Hansen’s lace!

  175. Michele Avatar

    I haven’t knit a lot of lace, but I love the look of it so much. I have big dreams of knitting a gorgeous shawl at some point.

  176. Deb in central CA Avatar
    Deb in central CA

    I love knitting lace, particularly shawls and stoles. One of these days I am actually even going to make one for me! The most complex and also the most gorgeous piece I have done so far was Maplewing! I questioned my sanity in taking it on many many times during the first few rows but once I got the hang of purl 2 together through the back loop, it was gravy! ( she says with a demented grin!) I would love to have this stitchionary and see where it takes me. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  177. Meg Avatar

    I’ve only recently discovered the joys of a lace shawl, and suddenly I can’t get enough!

  178. Sara Avatar

    thanks for the giveaway! i love knitting triangle shawls and i’m a big fan of evelyn clark.

  179. Heather C. Avatar
    Heather C.

    I have been completely enamoured of late of garter stitch lace patterns. Scrumptious!

  180. Elizabeth B Avatar
    Elizabeth B

    I don’t have a favourite type of lace but the one type that has me doing actual swatches and then casting on is Estonian lace. I just love the nupps!

  181. Laura Avatar

    I would love to try some lace knitting!

  182. bekala Avatar

    Nice! I’m a big fan of leaves, although making holes on purpose in knitting turns my crank, no matter what the pattern is.

  183. KrisSuthe Avatar

    I love diagonal lace patterns, and I have a weird thing for lace with petite bobbles.

    Super sweet contest :)

  184. Bloo Avatar

    Thanks for doing this! I haven’t done a lot of lace, but am trying to do more… although the last one I tried, Springtime Bandit, has been in the penalty box for months (can’t figure out where I made the mistake!).

  185. Angela Avatar

    I like Feather and Fan. It’s simple, but you get a lot of bang for the buck.

  186. Joanna Avatar

    According to my Rav queue, I seem to have a penchant for gull lace. I’ve knit a Feb Lady Sweater, Feb Baby Sweater and 3 baby blankets, each featuring that same gull lace pattern. It’s a great pattern but good grief, I need to branch out! ;)

  187. Irene Tseu Avatar
    Irene Tseu

    I’m knitting a sweater with leaf motifs at the moment for an 80th birthday present coming up in September. Margaret loves lace but says it’s too complicated for her. Since she won’t knit any lace, I figure I’ll do it for her, and hope she’ll love this sweater with the leaf motifs. It’s been a fun knit so far!

  188. jessica Kaufman Avatar

    I like how short & sweet this post was! I.e., lace stitionary giveaway… ’nuff said. :) Anyway, my favorite kind of lace is the only one I know by heart, the little leaves pattern that is used in the Woodland Shawl.

  189. Pia Parrish Avatar
    Pia Parrish

    For some reason I am drawn to lace that looks like leaves . . . leaf lace shawls, leaf yoke top, leaves on the edges of sweater . . . loves me some leaves!

  190. Jenn Avatar

    Rectangular stoles, most definitely, with fine gauge handspun wool featuring vining leaf patterns. Yum.

    I’m working on my first beaded lace shawl now, and I’m really enjoying it as well.

  191. Sandra Avatar

    Awesome! I’m a huge fan of lace – my favourite project is my Hyrna Herbogar (sorry for the spelling…) in authentic Icelandic laceweight, but I’ve made many a shawl. I’d love to be able to incorporate lace into more of my projects.

  192. Lynn Avatar

    I love lace–don’t really have a favourite yet, but I’d love to be able to put names to swatches.

  193. Jan Avatar

    Wow, I can’t resist hoping for that great Stitionary! Having just finished a Swallowtail shawl (my first lace project), I can honestly say, I loved it. The only thing I’m not fond of is NUPPS….oh good grief, if I never see another one, I’ll die happy.

  194. Emily H. Avatar
    Emily H.

    My favorite type of lace is the patterns where everything is symetrical.

  195. Kathode Ray Tube Avatar

    I’ve only knit a few lace pieces. I sure like leaf motifs, though.

  196. Diane Avatar

    I love knitting huge shawls, but lately I find myself knitting little bonnets and lacy baby things.

  197. Denise L. Avatar
    Denise L.

    My most recent lace knitting has been simple but wonderful — your milkweed shawl! I met you at Lettuce Knit in March and purchased the pattern and some Koigu in the same colour as your sample. Since then, I’ve knit two more milkweeds, one in Malabrigo and one in Socks that Rock. I have my eye on a skein of DIC Smooshy in my stash to knit a fourth. (And I’m not just saying this to get preferential treatment in your draw!)

  198. Rebecca Avatar

    I love knitting with lace weight, but I also really love the effect of knitting lace in a heavier weight like worsted. I prefer geometric patterns.

  199. Marin Avatar

    I love knitting lace with small repeats that are easy to memorize, particularly leaf motifs and geometric shapes.

    I’m totally in awe of people with the concentration and dedication to knit large, complex lace pieces. It’s all beautiful!

  200. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Shortly after I started knitting again I decided I was going to do shawls for all of my bridesmaids for the wedding. I did the Kyoto Shawl for myself, but each bridesmaid had a different lace pattern. Of those, my favorite was Vine Lace. I tried so many patterns from the Barbara Walker books that I had out from the library!

  201. Leah Avatar

    Ooh! Lace! I have a growing fascination with openwork lace at the moment, though I haven’t knit much of it yet.

  202. Tracy Avatar

    Love simple garter stitch lace like your
    Milkweed shawl to anything by Sivia Harding!

  203. Christine Avatar

    I currently am loving leafy lace.

  204. Idalia Avatar

    I would love to have this book. I love all the lace patterns, but not the hard ones, I usually knit when I´m watching TV so I have to memorize the pattern fast to knit it.
    Pick my name please!!!!

  205. Jenn Lee Avatar

    I love all lace knitting but my current love affair is with the really architectural, geometric patterns.

    Great giveaway!

  206. JenniferK Avatar

    I love the lace with beads. It’s the sparkles that get me every time. :)

  207. Becca H Avatar

    What a great giveaway – I’ve recently become better at stashing away some lace yarns – this would be a great inspiration to put them on the needles!

  208. Jocelyn Avatar

    I like lace garments more than lace shawls, although I don’t mind knitting lace shawls on heavier yarns. Not enough patience for laceweight shawls.

  209. Constance Avatar

    My favorite is lace with cables. Not gaudy, elegant.

  210. Jen Avatar

    I am new to lace knitting and could really use the book!

  211. Kristiina Mikonmaa Avatar
    Kristiina Mikonmaa

    What about me, for me it is so difficult to find the one I would love to knit…and I end up looking yet another pattern:-)

  212. Cynthia Brown Avatar
    Cynthia Brown

    I love knitting lace, especially floral patterns like Herbert Niebling’s wonderful designs. I would love a copy of this book!

  213. Kate Avatar

    ooo That’s lovely! I love knitting shawls with lace, especially complicated patterns with lots of interesting stiches. :)

  214. Brecken Avatar

    Leaves! any pattern with leaves!

  215. Thayer Avatar

    Right now I’m most interested in lace patterns that look interesting, but aren’t too difficult to memorize. It’s a hard combination to find sometimes!

  216. Elaine Avatar

    I prefer either simple or subtle “leafy” lace patterns.

  217. Aditi Avatar

    I really like the curves and waves in the leafy lace patterns. I’m usually more of a straight lines and strong geometric shapes kind of person, but somehow lace brings out another side of me!

  218. xiuxiu Avatar

    Thanks for the chance of winning the book. I love knitting leaf/floral lace.

  219. Kyla Avatar

    I like knitting large scale(ish) leafy lace patterns and have successfully made a lace hat, a scarf or two, and some lace socks.

  220. Karen Caplan Avatar
    Karen Caplan

    I love knitting just about any lace, really…

  221. Marcy Colloca Avatar
    Marcy Colloca

    I would Love a Copy! Always looking for something new! Thanks for the chance to WIN!!

  222. Cindy Lou Avatar
    Cindy Lou

    I am trying to get better at reading lace, maybe reading a book will help? :-)

  223. Sara Avatar

    I seem to knit lots of lace shawls, and circular lace too.

  224. Alice Avatar

    Live in Hawaii so knit with mostly cotton and sometimes silk blends (Noro, Paton’s Grace, and most recently a new (here) cotton from Paton, though I forget what it’s called. Lace patterns are a long-term commitment but a Vogue book would definitely be inspiring.

  225. christine Avatar

    I don’t have a favorite kind of lace yet, I’m too new at it still!

  226. Jennifer Avatar

    I LOVE these books; I own the first volume and have been coveting the rest. I enjoy lace knitting, and this would be a great resource.

  227. marri Avatar

    oh yay! i love their cable stitch dictionary – it’s probably the book that gets the most use in my house!

    hmm, favorite kind of lace? subtle, all-over patterns.

  228. Bruxa Avatar

    Lace knitting still scares me away a bit. I like lacey garments a lot but I find lace patterns difficult to follow. Maybe this stitch dictionary is the kind of stuff I need to get me finally started with lace! :)

  229. Allison Avatar

    I love knitting lace shawls. Sometimes I enjoy an easy lace and other days I like the super complicated patterns.

  230. Eileen Avatar

    I have lace yarn and now need a pattern to finally knit up this yarn.

  231. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    Pick me Pick me Pick me Pick me — (I’m the Jack Russell of knitting) What a great book for a giveaway!

  232. Amy J Avatar
    Amy J

    Just started doing a little lace here and there…will have to check this book out :)

  233. Lizzy Avatar

    Hi! I have a grand-daughter who loves lace, so I’m always busy finding new lace patterns. My daughter and I always laugh, we are horses and dog people, where did this girly, girl come from? She loves the lacy of all lace!

  234. Denise Avatar

    I love nature inspired lace. I’m just starting out as a lace knitter but Estonian lace has caught my eye : )

    – Denise (dlotter on ravelry & twitter)

  235. Rachel Avatar

    Will love this book to be able to play around with my own ideas of lacy little projects! thanks :)

  236. Rachel Avatar

    I need lace in my stitch patterns library. Thank you for offering this lovely looking book!

  237. Jocelyn Avatar

    The yarn on that book cover looks awesome!
    I have not done much lace I think, but I do love the fir cone pattern and of course the ever versatile and popular gull lace.

  238. Jackie Pudey Avatar
    Jackie Pudey

    I would love to branch out and try some lace work.
    Thanks for the great give away.


  239. Ivana Avatar

    Yes please! I’ve done very little lace in my life, but the one on Ysolda’s Veyla mitts must have been my absolute fave!

  240. Alex Avatar

    I am knitting more and more lace projects lately… I like geometrical lace patterns, but not exclusively. Not so long ago I discovered estonian lace and fell in love with it.

  241. theresa Avatar

    I love a lace pattern on bulky yarn – makes the bulky knit more breathable & wearable.

  242. Jenness Weldon Avatar
    Jenness Weldon

    I love just about any knit pattern, but especially like to knit garments out of lace weight yarn for the desert climate I live in.

  243. Lori Avatar

    I’m attracted to lace patterns that swirl, even when the lines on the charts look straight. That totally fascinates me.

  244. Manon Avatar

    My favourite type of lace is the intricate one, with lots of nupps, found in shawls. And I would love a copy of the new Vogue Stitchionary!

  245. sarah Avatar

    I knit an awful lot of lace , especially in the summer.

  246. Sherry - Delightful Hands Avatar

    I love your blog and patterns and I am so interested in doing a lace project. I just started my first top with lace around the bottom and around the sleeves. I would love this book! Thanks for all you do!

  247. caroline Avatar

    Love the basic lace stitches, especially when mixed in with heavier groups of stockinette!

    Also curious as to know what you’re making with the oyster blush jitterbug. I love that colorway as well and have a few skeins tucked away for something special!

  248. Teresa Nascimento Avatar

    Hi Connie!
    What a great giveaway!I love knitting all kinds of lace and I would love to get this book.

  249. Rose Avatar

    I love to knit lace shawls! I also like to knit socks with lace stitches in them.

  250. jennifer Avatar

    I have only knit very basic lace patterns, but I have a lot of laceweight yarn that I would love to knit into a shawl for my mom if I can ever find a pattern pretty enough (and that I could actually understand).

  251. Rachel Avatar

    Oooh, fun! I love lace – currently I’m stuck on lace shawls – particularly lace-edge stockinette. Just finished a Traveling Woman and love it!

  252. Estella Avatar

    I love these Stitch Dictionaries and don’t have this one – thanks for a contest! I like knitting lace tidbits – here or there on a sleeve or as an edge.

  253. Mari Avatar

    Haven’t done any lace knitting, but I’m looking to start!

  254. christine Avatar

    Have not knit any lace yet as I’m sort of new to knitting but I would love the chance to start! Would probably incorporate some into a scarf as I can never have enough scarves. Thanks for the contest!

  255. Meya Avatar

    Ooooh please, pwetty PLEASE dear almighty gods, choose me!!!
    I’d love to widen my horizons in leafy and flowery laces… Am getting crazy about these cuties!
    And thanks for the contest! :)

  256. Emily Avatar


    Right now my favorite lace is stuff that’s easy to memorize – 2 little kids make constantly looking at charts too challenging

  257. Jodi Avatar

    I don’t have a specific type of lace that is my favourite, I just love it all! I enjoy knitting lace patterns a lot (I finishing up your Honeybee right now) and love wearing lace in bright colours :) I don’t have a lace stitchionary yet so fingers crossed for me :) Thanks for the comp.

  258. Jen Avatar

    I haven’t knitted lace yet, and I’d love to learn!

  259. kala Avatar

    Thanks for having this giveaway! I haven’t knit much lace but I love little shawls to wear in the Fall :)

  260. Grace Avatar

    I like all kinds of lace. But not a big fan of nupps. Thanks for a chance to win this book!

  261. Susie Gourlay Avatar
    Susie Gourlay

    I love lace because it looks somuch more complicated than it actually is and always looks really impressive. I also love how it can be done in any weight of yarn and always looks stunning! Shawls are my favourite!

  262. Nancy J Avatar
    Nancy J

    I have only made about 4 lace projects so I can’t judge too well. I do like the purl back rows.

  263. maria Avatar

    i prefer more geometric lace to floral patterns – but maybe this book will teach me to love it all!

  264. janjan Avatar

    I’ve just completed my first lace shawl – the ever popular Forest Canopy Shawl – and I’m itching to try more. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  265. Liz Avatar

    I have never knit lace but I would love to try it! I do however love the Vogue stitchionary line of books.

  266. Ms.Cleaver Avatar

    I love lace with a large number of wrapped stitches in a row (like a ladder st) and anything that makes my edges nice and pointy – I lean towards more architectural lace patterns in general.

  267. Jessica Avatar

    I love knitting circular lace. Long live the Pi!

  268. Michelle Avatar

    I’m just getting started with lace, but would love a copy to boost my library! Thanks.

  269. Joan Avatar

    I love knitting any kind of lace. But I love knitting nupps least of all!

  270. Beatriz Avatar

    I like the combination of cables and lace together. Wavy lace is another favorite. That looks like a terrific stitch dictionary!

  271. Donna Avatar

    I’m interested; thanks for such a nice giveaway!

  272. Jenn Avatar

    I love to knit lace shawls – even though I almost never wear them!

  273. fire tweed Avatar
    fire tweed

    I love all kinds of lace, but am especially drawn to leafy patterns and some florals. Nothing too twee…large graphic patterns are really interesting to me, but I haven’t done much in that area. Shawls and cardigans tend to dominate my lace world.

  274. juniperjune Avatar

    i would lovvvve a copy of this! i’ve been intending to get into designing with lace, and this would be super useful! my favorite kind of lace is estonian; i love the sensual, undulating, nature-based shapes. but lately i’ve come to appreciate more geometric lace patterns, too!

  275. Sarah Avatar

    I wish I could knit lace. I haven’t been very successful so far. Perhaps this book would help?

  276. Carolyn Avatar

    I love the look of natural patterns in lace, and combining them into “themed” pieces. Would love to have this Stitchionary for designing shawls and things :)

  277. Misha Avatar

    Ooo, I love lace! My favourite is leafy lace, although I like pretty antique-looking eyelet lace as well. My first shawl (and still my favourite) was the Forest Canopy by Susan Lawrence. I’m working on an Ishbel right now, as well as a pair of Monkey socks. Yay for lace!

  278. Morgan Avatar

    I am all about small shawls in lace patterns right now. You really can’t go wrong with one:)

  279. Caroline Avatar

    I’ve been really into shawls lately!

  280. Emma Avatar

    Oooooo, I love stitch dictionaries! I’m really into Estonian lace shawls right now. So beautiful.

  281. Kelly Avatar

    I love this! I am also a big fan of stitch dictionaries. I don’t know if I have a favorite lace pattern but they are really intriguing to me. I love them in shawls.

  282. Shirley Avatar

    I’m a lace novice, but have recently purchased some beautiful yarns that cry out to be knit into lace.

  283. Jessica Avatar

    Your Serrano sweater was my first lace project and my first full-size sweater. I love the the way it almost looks cabled.

  284. Jane Avatar

    I love knitting lace, my favorites are the flower/leaf motif lace patterns.

  285. Kat Avatar

    I love big, big motifs like in the shawl Haruni!

  286. Nancy Avatar

    I love the challenge and look of lace. I started using fingering weight yarn, then onto laceweight and am now for the first time, using cobweb.

  287. marilyn Avatar

    much to the shock of all who know me I LOVE knitting lace. I was always the Tom Boy in town. And not what one would call girly or frilly. Except as my lace scarf (I’m still hoping to get a shawl size done) collection grows, perhaps my rep will change.

    I love your blog and your patterns, Laura. Thanks for the contest!

  288. Diane Avatar

    I like simple lace with short repeats the best so I can memorize them easily :) But I do want to branch out more and try new things.

  289. Sarah Avatar

    I love all lace, easy, complicated. I love lace in sweaters, socks, and am working on my first lace shawl with actual lace weight yarn. I’ll probably be done with it in oh 2 years, but I love it

  290. Renee G Avatar
    Renee G

    I haven’t tried making lace yet, but it sounds like fun.

  291. KatieB Avatar

    My favorite type of lace knitting is shawls, but I am looking forward to knitting your bee sweater!

  292. Pedantka Avatar

    I don’t think I’ve ever met lace that I haven’t liked to knit, though at the moment I’m going more for challenge projects–large shawls with complicated stitch patterns (the Cobweb Lace stole is keeping me pretty happy right this minute).

  293. Lisa Ng Avatar
    Lisa Ng

    At the moment, my fave lace stitches are those that are most straightforward so that the pattern lines up and it’s easy to check if all’s well! I do plan on branching out though so a stitch dictionary would be just the thing to read for inspiration! Thanks for doing the give away. :)

  294. Erin Avatar

    I love any lace patterns that are challenging or new to me!

  295. Christen Avatar

    I like the unexpected. Bulky knit lace patterns or small lace edging details. Something unique to appreciate in the garment.

  296. Ann Lim Avatar

    I love the feather & fan stitch as it always make a pretty wavy pattern. I have used it for scarf, shawls & even bands for a cardigan. Thanks for organising this.

  297. Rachel Avatar

    Love knitting lace! Shawls and scarves, looking for the perfect lace cardigan for summer in the northeast.

  298. Chantal B Avatar

    I like leaves because i think it’s the only one i master… but i’m curious and would like to discover plenty of those from that book!

  299. Sue H Avatar

    I love to knit lace shawls!

  300. Sheri Avatar

    I like really simple to remember repeats!

    Sheri from Ky

  301. lucyp Avatar

    I like Estonian lace — I’m just finishing Laminaria.

  302. Jayne Avatar

    I have made a lace shawl but would love to try a lace scarf :)

  303. Bernadette Avatar

    I love the Vogue Stitchionaries, and I’m dieing to get my hands on that one. I started knitting lace shawls last summer, and I’ve been on quite a kick since then. I think I’m on my sixth or seventh now? I’d like to start experimenting with some of my own designs, and that book sure would come in handy!

  304. Amanda Avatar

    I’m just a newbie at knitting lace but so far I’ve loved everything I’ve tried. I want to try Estonian lace next.

  305. Cynthia Avatar

    The lace book looks wonderful! I really enjoy your bog and patterns.

  306. Allison Cohen Avatar
    Allison Cohen

    I love all kinds of lace and am looking to branch out even more!

  307. Maryse Avatar

    Lace is beautiful! The possibilities are infinite! I did not know that lace where categorized! Awesome!

  308. Melissa Avatar

    Fun giveaway! I haven’t done much lace knitting – just a few small shawls – so I would love a chance to expand my skills!

  309. WithaQ Avatar

    I love to knit new and interesting patterns, things that are a little different in construction, teach me something new, or just excite the dormant mathamatician in me!

  310. Zenknitting Avatar

    I love knitting lace shawls and scarves since they are great portable projects. I am fascinated by sweaters and cardigans with lace details. May be one day I’ll try to knit one.

  311. Melanie Avatar

    My favourite lace projects are shawlettes. Perfect for that beautiful skein of hand-dyed sock yarn. :)

  312. Julia Avatar

    I’ve only done a bit of lace knitting, but my favourite patterns usually have some kind of leaf motif, or are very open and cobwebby. Thanks!

  313. Megan Avatar

    I’m a fan of shawlettes – they’re small enough to where I can wear them with many outfits!

  314. Claire Avatar

    I rather enjoy making triangle shawls. I didn’t think I would at first but then they just consumed me.

  315. Vicki Avatar

    I’m really just getting into lace, mostly in the form of shawls. This book would be great to have, if I don’t win it, I’ll have to buy it!

  316. GinkgoKnits Avatar

    My favorite is Estonian lace. I’m generally drawn to more complex patterns Also, I have to say that although I love the look, I need a break from leaf lace at the moment.

  317. Lynn Avatar

    New lace knitter; needs all the help she can get

  318. peanut Avatar

    I love leaves in lace patterns – especially when they form spiky edges.

  319. Sarah Pearson Avatar
    Sarah Pearson

    I would adore! Thanks for having a contest!

  320. Ella Avatar

    Hmm! Got hooked on lace after knitting the “Luna Moth Shawl” from Elan. Have knit a few more since then and also a couple of pairs of socks.
    Next on the agenda a lacy tank top :-)

  321. Cassie Avatar

    I’ll never tire of putting the gull lace stitch into anything I make. The February Lady Sweater ruined me in that respect. :D

  322. Stardust B. Avatar
    Stardust B.

    Lace! It’s all I knit now. I’m doing the Swallowtail in bright pink Malabrigo right now.

  323. Kris Avatar

    Love this giveaway! My new favorite easy lace pattern is the cellular stitch from one of Walker’s Treasury…maybe the 3rd? Anyway, just used it for an easy cowl and it was perfect.

  324. Julia Avatar

    I’m just getting ready to knit Ishbel, and I have a feeling that – for me at least – shawls are the new scarves.

  325. Dani Avatar

    Oooh, this would be really handy for the lace class I am teaching in a few weeks!

  326. Krystin Avatar

    In the past year, I have learned to knit and crochet. It would be fun to branch out into lace.

  327. Mightymoy Avatar

    I love lace! Would really like VKS5 to change my contest mojo.

  328. matilda Ross Avatar
    matilda Ross

    I have had my first stab at lace this year with the Travelling Woman shawl.. by the end of the year I want to tackle “proper” lace- ie pattern on both sides. I’m thinking tiny- a little ascot or something.

  329. Christine Avatar

    I love to knit lace leaves and use green yarn!

  330. Sylvia Jordan Avatar
    Sylvia Jordan

    I would really like to add this book to my library..

  331. Sarah Avatar

    Big lace, tons of yardage, some crazy long pattern repeat and insane knit on border. I like a challenge.

  332. Lisa Avatar

    Hi : )

    Now branching out into Estonian Lace. Miralda’s shawl here I come!

  333. Norma Avatar

    I am a recent convert to the art of lace knitting and I find it totally gratifying. I would love to add this book to my knitting book collection.

  334. Alli Avatar

    I especially love repetitive, easily memorized lace patterns. I find them especially relaxing!

  335. Jessy Avatar

    I have just started to knit. The reason I wanted to learn is for lace knitting. This book would be awesome.

  336. Sasha Avatar

    My favourite lace knitting is the leaf-lace, any kind of lace and wonderous shaping that forms elegant leaf-like lines – I adore it!
    Am knitting Girasole now and am at the section with the petal/leaf blossom and it’s GREAT! Hurrah for lace!!

  337. Kathy Avatar

    I love all things lace! Right now my favorites are feather and fan, and leaves – can’t seem to get enough. Would be so excited to add this book to my library. Thanks for doing a giveaway – how fun!

  338. Denise Avatar

    In general, I like lace patterns that are patterned on one side (work back row is plain knit or purl). I think my favorite lace pattern is Frost Flowers, I haven’t knit it yet but I plan to. I like Japanese Vines (and variations) too.

    What a great book – thanks for doing a giveaway!

  339. Jim Avatar

    I’ve only really knit thing in a lace pattern. It was a sweater for my daughter. I did enjoy it very much. My 13th wedding anniversary (lace, how fitting) is this weekend and this would make a great anniversary gift for my wife who has not ventured into lace yet.

  340. the knitting aunt Avatar
    the knitting aunt

    I have a real weakness for leaf and fern patterns. But I also like structured and geometric lace (not sure what else to call it).

  341. Emily H. Avatar
    Emily H.

    I’m a novice knitter and adore all things that are lacy and intricate. I haven’t had the guts to try lace yet, but this book looks like it’s a good start!

  342. Robin Avatar

    I love lace with strong geometric shapes and lines but also enjoy rippling patterns like feather and fan. I’ve tried bead and lace knitting and so far it’s been too much to keep track of but I’m determined!!

  343. Diana Avatar

    I’m always drawn to the leafy motifs, but also like patterns with curvy flowing lines.

  344. Mary Avatar

    I am just a beginning lace knitter and need any help that I can get!

  345. Rhonda Avatar

    I would love a copy. Love the Lace.

  346. Beth Avatar

    I’m just starting to knit lace so I don’t have a favorite yet. However, I will let you know!

  347. Laura (whimZknits) Avatar
    Laura (whimZknits)

    I seem to keep going back to feather and fan, even though I love leaf/floral lace patterns. The book sounds great!

  348. Sarah Avatar

    At the moment I keep on knitting the ‘party lace’ scarf for gifts. I just love the feather pattern.

  349. Tanis Avatar

    Oooh! Yay! This book is on my “must buy” list for this summer, I would say “must buy” right now, but I’m not allowed until after the wedding. I love that it’s in blues too. Can’t wait to have my own copy!

  350. Kerry Avatar

    I want to start doing some designing of my own, lace-wise, so this book would be such a help!

  351. melanie Avatar

    I would love this book! I love leaves as well as arrowhead lace, as in the Spring Beret and Crofter’s Cowl.

  352. Robin Avatar

    Lace is my fav! scarves, shawls, sweaters, socks. Love it all.

  353. Anjali (BloreKnitter on Ravelry) Avatar

    I love ogling at lace scarves. They are so delicate and beautiful. I would love to try out different lace patterns. Please count me in!

  354. Tricia Avatar

    I love knitting lace with worsted weight, it looks so rugged.

  355. javalulu Avatar

    I am working on a leaf lace project right now, and really enjoying it! I would love the book! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  356. YuLian Avatar

    I love knitting shawls and socks. =] Thanks for the chance to win it!

  357. hormiga Avatar

    i have been eyeing lace cardigan patterns lately.

  358. Eleanor (undeadgoat) Avatar
    Eleanor (undeadgoat)

    I love everything lace that I’ve tried–currently I have an Estonian shawl on the needles, I also enjoy lacy socks and am interested in branching out into lacy garments.

  359. Colette Avatar

    Lace is a passion….I wish I had more time. I chose my pieces carefully and love the journey from beginning, through knitting the crumpled piece, blocking and the final miracle of lace that the piece becomes.

  360. Amy Avatar

    I didn’t used to think I liked lace, but then I made a sweater with a lace pattern using thicker yarn…and discovered I really LOVE it now!

  361. Becky Avatar

    I like making lace hats, sweaters, and socks. I’m working on a Lacey Baktus right now.

  362. Bells Avatar

    i love lace best when the rhythm clicks, when you’ve got the pattern just enough inside your head to be able to feel how it should go. That’s magic.

  363. Melissa Avatar

    I love lace leaf patterns, especially for scarves and socks. I hope to cast on for the shipwrecked shawl soon…

  364. Eva SB Avatar
    Eva SB

    I have yet to attempt lace knitting, maybe this book will give me the courage.

  365. Lara Avatar

    I’d like to knit myself a lace shawl for summer – really happy with how the one I knit my daughter turned out.

  366. inglesidebelle Avatar

    Oh, I’m so glad that Vogue finally did a Lace Volume! And with charts!

    As for what type of lace I like, it doesn’t fit easily into one category. I like organic motifs such as leaves and vines, but certain geometric shapes like diamonds appeal to me, too (see my Sheridan Road Socks on ravelry, an as yet unpublished design). Then again, swirly patterns have been catching my eye lately…guess I need to peruse the new book to pick a few more favorites! :)

  367. Dawn Avatar

    My favorite lace knitting to do is the cute little triangle shawls/scarves that are all the rage these days!

  368. Melli Avatar

    What an exciting offer! I have done some lace knitting and want to do more. My most favorite thing I’ve knit with lace to date was a huge massive feather and fan shawl for my mom for christmas a few years back. She loved it :) I’d love to try new stitches and experiment with lace more!

  369. Amparo Avatar

    That book looks fantastic!!
    I loooove knitting lace, every lace motiv… I’m an addict!! lol

  370. Eva Avatar

    So if Europeans are welcome here, too: I’d love a copy! At the moment I love shawls with not too complicated lace patterns (I don’t like frogging lace).

  371. Sarah Avatar

    Nice contest! I like print o’the waves.

  372. julie Avatar

    i’ve only knit a little lace… but i love the look of nupps, though maybe not actually making them. thanks for the giveaway!

  373. Pauline Avatar

    Just started my first lace project – this book looks great!

  374. Edith Avatar

    My first lace project was/is a big success. I really love the way one can knit a whole shawl with one single skein. Making such a light-weight project, stille being warm and comfortable, is wonderful. So… up to the mext lace project, hopefully with stitchpatterns from this book.

  375. Pamela Avatar

    I love knitting lace shawls, am wanting to design my own starting with a good stitch dictionary!


  376. Clare Avatar

    I have recently started knitting lace and would like to learn more combinations of stitches for lace.

  377. Jane Avatar

    I love knitting shawls. But really any kind of lace will do. I’m working on adapting an old shawl pattern into a dress for a local fashion designer.

  378. Elizabeth Avatar

    I’m drawn to leafy shapes, but so far I haven’t met a lace I didn’t like. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  379. Mary Anne Avatar
    Mary Anne

    I like more straight lines as the lace motif, rather than curved or circular; not sure if “geometric” best characterizes my preference.

  380. Jennifer Avatar

    I’m not sure I have a favorite kind of lace but may favorite lace that I’ve knitted is a different story… I knitted a lace Interweave Knits sweater several years ago that was knitted on very oversized needles (maybe a 15 needle?) with a combination of silky cotton and laceweight mohair. Gorgeous!

  381. Panhandle Jane Avatar

    I am a beginner at lace. I’ve done a couple of pairs of socks and I’m about to finish a shawlette. I’d love to be better at it.

  382. Heather Ricco Avatar
    Heather Ricco

    I would like to branch out to lace! My mom has been hinting about lace shawls…=)

  383. E. Weaver Avatar
    E. Weaver

    One of my near-future goals is to design myself a shawl or shawlette. I’ve only ‘designed’ rectangular lace items or additions before, and am curious to play with the shaping elements required. It would be wonderful to have such a nice lace resource to use during that process!

  384. sillylittlelady Avatar

    I love knitting all kinds of lace! right now I’m working on a pattern incorporating diamonds and leaves :D

  385. Erin K. Avatar
    Erin K.

    I have only done a couple of lace projects, and for me I love the challenge of keeping track of my stitches. I also learned not to consume wine and try to knit lace – bad bad bad.

  386. Susan Avatar

    I enjoy an involved pattern. One I can sit down and get lost in. I more often do simple repetitive things because this works better for take-along knitting. Luckily I like the outcome of both.

  387. Rebekka Avatar

    I love knitting lace, especially when it’s incorporated into socks! The best part is watching the lace pattern emerge, row after row.

  388. Nette Avatar

    I have only tried lace a few times, but would love to branch out further- especially with thicker wool!

  389. Robbyn Avatar

    The old, Shetland “Fir Cone” is my very favorite pattern – but I love them all really :)

  390. Linda Avatar

    I tried to be strong and resist–but, oooohhh lace! Please put my name in.

  391. Sandy Avatar

    I love knitting lace shawls. I don’t have a favorite lace stitch pattern – I just pick whatever catches my eye.

  392. Patricia Avatar

    I love knitting lace, especially in shawls and scarves. The transformation after blocking always amazes me.

  393. Sherri Avatar

    I’ve always been a little nervous to try lace but I really want to, maybe this book could jump start me!

  394. SamLaTricoteuse Avatar

    Wow that’s a nice give away. Frankly I have done some lace (Birch shawl, Flower basket shawl) but I have no clue what the stitches name were.. oh and feathers and fans! Would love to win this one. Thanks in advance.

  395. soxanne Avatar

    Can’t say I do a lot of lace but right now I’m making a Cerisara cardigan and I love it!

  396. Suzanne Avatar

    Have fallen into the deep well of lace knitting and would loooove to own said book!

  397. Nelly Avatar

    I haven’t done any lace knitting but am planning on doing a lace shawl of some sort this summer…it should be exciting.

  398. Shelly Avatar

    I am hoping to branch out into lace knitting. Never thought I would say that, but looking at the beautiful lace shawls and tunics have changed my mind! My aunt used to make amazing knitted lace… good memories from my early childhood.

  399. Sharon Avatar

    I’ve only done a little lace and would like to learn more. I love the intricacies of the various stitch pattterns.

  400. Shannon Avatar

    I love all kinds of lace, though my favourite at the the moment is leaves.

  401. tania Avatar

    I love shawls and I love stitchionarys!! Please, include me!

  402. Carolyn Avatar

    Hi there – Firstly, let me say that I made the infinity scarf using the kit from Tanis and its my favorite knitted item EVER! Secondly, thanks for doing the giveaway. My favorite lace knitting evolves into shawls – presently, I’m working on Hamamelis in Jitterbug. So nice…

  403. Robin M. Avatar
    Robin M.

    I love to knit lace shawls and lace socks and would love to own this stitchionary!

  404. Eliza Avatar

    I actually had to read the comments to determine what different types of lace there are! I like to knit lace shawls, but I’m also working on a large format lace cardigan.

  405. Word Lily Avatar

    I’m not sure exactly what you mean by types of lace, but I’ve loved all the lace I’ve knitted thus far. It’s been mostly shawls, though.

  406. Rosebelleknits Avatar

    I love to knit all kinds of lace projects. Whether it be a sweater that has a nice lace pattern in it – a shawl or even a nice scarf with some lace. I think lace is one of my fave types of stitch patterns! (More so than cables!)

    Thanks for having the contest!

  407. Beverly Avatar

    I really enjoy knitting shawls. I would really like to design one of my own, I think this might be the right book to jump start my creative juices!

  408. yarnpiggy Avatar

    My history with lace has been short and not-so-sweet, to be honest. But things are looking up, and I’ve started my first big lace project.

    Thanks for the running the contest! :-)

  409. Kristina Avatar

    I just bought the first book in this series. I just finished my first lace project.. the February Lady Sweater!

  410. Ro Avatar

    Right now I am in with love knitting lace shawls and it doesn’t make any difference what the yarn weight is – from lace to worsted – I just love the holes.

  411. PICAdrienne Avatar

    Goodness, you are getting HUGE comments today. Just getting into lace, so far it has all been simple stuff, but I do enjoy it.

  412. Knittripps Avatar

    I could really use a stitchionary! I love to knit lace shawls, lace with thick yarn, lace with thin yarn – basically it is all appealing :)

  413. Erin B Avatar
    Erin B

    I would love a copy! I’m 9 rows from finishing my second lace project so I’m just getting into it.

  414. Preita Avatar

    My absolute favorite type of lace either involves just 1-4 rows of every row pattern or just 2 rows. I love easy lace that looks complicated and creates a smooth fabulous line.

  415. Geneva Avatar

    Ooooh Pick me!!! I have so much trouble with lace. I can’t seem to keep it straight without adding/deleting stitches :(

  416. Michelle Avatar

    I love all sorts of lace, but especially the organic looking ones where the patterns flow together. I have a lace stole in my queue that is just waiting for me to finish all this baby knitting!

  417. Jessica Avatar

    I haven’t knit much lace yet, but would love to try some more out. This would be a great place to start! Thanks for the giveaway.

  418. Tammie Johnson Avatar
    Tammie Johnson

    What a wonderful gift! I am just learning to knit and this would be fantastic!

  419. karen Avatar

    I love lace knitting! Favorite shawl has nupps which were surprisingly refreshing to knit. Challenging stitches are a plus!

  420. Miss Amy Avatar

    I *LOVE* lace!!! This would be a great addition to add to my small but growing collection of knitting books. Good luck to all! and Thanks for the chance to win :)

  421. D Martin Avatar
    D Martin

    I like to make lace in everything– baby blankets, socks, shawls, sweaters, etc!

  422. Gwyn Avatar

    I love geometric lace patterns. But I’m also a sucker for lace leaf patterns.

  423. Anastasia Avatar

    I just started knitting lace, but I love putting beads on lace.

  424. Sarah Avatar

    I´m working on my first ever lace project – a scarf from a kit. The pattern repeats every four lines, which I thought would be a good, safe introduction to lace knitting, but I´m already bored with it! This book looks like just the sort of thing that would save me from writing off lace knitting altogether!

  425. Crystal Avatar

    Oh please-oh-please-oh-please let me be the winner!!! I’ve never tried lace knitting before but am willing to learn.

  426. Deborah Avatar

    hi. I’m a novice lace knitter who loves books!

  427. Jamie Avatar

    I’ve been in love with lace for the last couple of years and always want to find new patterns. I would love the book. Even when I’m not knitting I look and look at my knitting books and magazines, imagining variations and colors. Please submit my name. Thank you!

  428. Carolina Avatar

    OHHHH! I love knitting lace! It challenges me and keeps me motivated!

  429. Jamie Avatar

    I am fairly new to lace knitting, but I have found myself drawn more to organic patterns and less to geometric ones. Though, if I can find lace patterns that incorporate some wavy leaves AND cables, then I’m in heaven!

  430. Alison Avatar

    I love making lace patterns using larger-gauge yarns, like Jared Flood’s big blanket that uses Cascade Eco-wool. I think it’s such a lovely and unexpected use of pattern.

  431. allison Avatar

    I’ll reveal my weirdness – I like knitting nupps! Thanks for having such a fun giveaway :)

  432. Dawn Avatar

    I haven’t done a ton of lace but would like to design my own lace shawl. This book would be very inspirational!

  433. Diana Avatar

    feather and fan, tried and true.

  434. lucette Avatar

    I like lace with leaf designs a lot. And right now I am working on a beaded cami, which has lace on every row.

  435. Cindy Avatar

    I’m a total beginner at lace, but I’m so ready to start getting back to dressing like a woman again. I’m so tired of the corporate look!

  436. Beth Avatar

    For my private Olympic knit, I used my most treasured “Lupine” superwash lace-weight merino and completed Haruni, the lace shawl pattern that Emily Ross named after the Tolken elf word for grandmother. I am now a grandmother, age 60, a time in my life that I never thought would come. However, I probably have a few years of knitting lace left to go! I could sure use this lovely book to make up some of my own designs. Yes, please!

  437. Smellyann Avatar

    Maybe I haven’t knit enough lace yet, because I’m not sure what “types” there are! I’ve knit lace scarves, baby sweaters, socks and more, and I always enjoy it. I’m looking for a new lace project right now, to use up the 100 yd ball I just picked up. I’ve NEVER knit with laceweight yarn before, so that’s something I’m looking to branch into.

  438. Tamara Avatar

    I have not dared to knit any lace for most of my knitting life. However, I’m having a serious jones for shawls, most of which require lace knitting. I’m still somewhat terrified to drive into it with or without the book.

  439. Nola Avatar

    I love knitting small scale lace scarfs, but I’m looking to try my first lace shawl, aeolian, this summer. Thanks for the offer!

  440. Dolores Avatar

    I haven’t done much lace knitting, but I’ve been thinking of doing it for a long time!! So many great patterns out there!!

  441. Carla Riggs Avatar

    Those blue yarns are luscious!
    The book sounds wonderful.. lots of lace patterns from which to choose. I like the Feather and Fan pattern, especially when used in babies’ clothing.

  442. Faith Christensen Avatar
    Faith Christensen

    This book looks great- Vogue publishes good knitting books. I am a beginning lace knitter but would love to branch out into more complex projects!

  443. dana Avatar

    I’d love to win this one because i never knitted a lace and that’s looks like the perfect book to start with.

  444. Avril Avatar

    I love lace! I like to incorporate lace into fun wearable projects like sweaters. I love to knit shawls but I just don’t wear them, so I’ve learned to stick to lace patterns in more wearable (for me) objects.

  445. Patty Ross Avatar
    Patty Ross

    Please include me in your drawing. I would love to add that books to the series! Thank you. :-)

  446. jen Avatar

    i’d love a copy! i’ve only knit a couple of items with lace, but love it!

  447. brella Avatar

    I really like using lace to represent actual objects–flowers, butterflies, etc. Drawing with holes is fun.

  448. Mary B Avatar
    Mary B

    I have a love/hate relationship with lace. I want to do more, so this book could be really helpful!

  449. Madeline Avatar

    I’m so drawn to lace lately. So far, I’ve done socks, scarves, and sweaters. And by plurals, I really mean I’ve only done one of each. But lace shawls are calling my name too…

  450. Julia Avatar

    Ooh, I don’t have that book! I like knitting lace that’s more geometric than flowery. I also love lace knit with big yarn and big needles – like your “macro” lace!

  451. Krissy Avatar

    I’m not sure I have a favorite lace. I like everything I’ve done so far. I guess I need to branch out a little.

  452. Julia Avatar

    I love lace patterns that create either a smallish overall texture (like Birch) or that create a long, rhythmic flow lengthwise, like the Hanging Vines stole. I think it’s that I like creating lace fabric (if you see what I mean) rather than creating an object with a lace design. But I’m starting to get intrigued by incorporating lace into sweaters…

  453. Juliette Avatar

    I love lace of all kinds! I’ve been wanting to design my own lacy cardigans and tops, and this book would be immensely helpful.

  454. Sylvia Avatar

    I love knit lace! I have only finished one lace project so far with a simple lace pattern, but love, love, love some of the lace projects I see from other knitters.

  455. Meredith Avatar

    My favorite lace tends to be smaller repeating lace, as I like to be able to memorize it and not have to stop and check a chart every few stitches. It’s also easier ti fix problems a few rows down if the lace is easy to “read.” I love to knit lace. I find it to be a very rewarding endeavor.

  456. Jennifer Avatar

    OMG, this is fantastic! I am currently enamored of “King Charles Brocade” stitch, which I found in the Harmony Guides Lace & Eyelets. Trying to find a way to use it to best effect.

  457. Kerri Avatar

    Looking to branch out still. Love this series of books.

  458. Pandorasslave Avatar

    I’ve been considering pre-ordering this book since I first found out about its release. I’ve been on a total lace jag lately, and what better way to be inspired than the glory of the Vogue Stichionary?

  459. Vanessa Townley Avatar

    This book looks fantastic only they tend to be quite expensive. I’m designing my own lace at the minute but having to use vintage stitch Dictionary’s as i can’t efford the new ones. There just as good but don’t have new updates of new lace which i like to see. It would be super to own a copy on my bookshelf i don’t think i could put it down lol!!xx

  460. kellywknits Avatar

    I love lace, but have not done much yet. I made two baby hats in June 2009, check them out in my ravelry projects http://www.ravelry.com/projects/kellywknits/ripple-eyelet-baby-hat . The best part for me was figuring out the decrease (not in the original pattern) even tho it was my first lace project. I would love the book. Thanks for the beautiful blog!

  461. Jennifer Avatar

    I love knitting leaves. I didn’t realize how much until two people who’ve never met each other decided that it’s my trademark. In fact, one saw a knitted leaf hat on the street and assumed it was one I’d made and sold!

  462. Margo Avatar

    Oooh, I would love this book! I am just starting out in lace. I’m a fan of simple lace that has easy to remember repeats. I don’t really like to have to follow a complicated chart or pattern.

  463. Kelly Avatar

    I’ve never knit lace before, but am sure I’ll enjoy the adventure as soon as I master reading charts!

  464. Caroline Avatar

    I love to knit lace that’s not too simple, but simple enough that I can memorize the pattern after a couple rows. Lately I’ve been wanting to knit some leaf lace.

  465. Sharon Avatar

    I’m looking for a flower/ leaf lace pattern to match a particular yarn, so I’d love to see this book!

  466. heather Avatar

    I’m knitting the Aeolian shawl right now, and I’m loving the leafy motifs. We’ll see what happens when I get to the nupps! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  467. Dalyn Avatar

    Vol 1 Knit and Purl is a well worn book in this house. I have been wanting to try lace for some time – Vol 5 Lace is just the push I need.
    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  468. Trudy Avatar

    I would love to get this. I love knitting lace – especially Estonian patterns.

  469. Genie Avatar

    Haven’t done a lot of lace but did enjoy doing Oblique. Would love seeing more great lace patterns for ideas for other projects. Thanks for the opportunity to win this outstanding pattern book.

  470. Karol Vellines Avatar
    Karol Vellines

    Haven’t done a lot of lace, but continue to be fascinated by it.

  471. Melissa Avatar

    This looks like an excellent book. I don’t have any of the others in the series. Sure hope I get picked. Thanks for sharing!

  472. Lauren Avatar

    Just over the line I think! I’m glad I came back from the mountains in time!

  473. Mary Avatar

    Wow, there are quite a number of comments already, but…you never know…

    Lace knitting and I…are like new neighbors know do that “head nod” when we see one another taking out the garbage or heading to/from work. I love the look of lace on the legs of socks recently, and maybe I’ll invite it over for coffee soon.

  474. Cori gilkey Avatar

    I love lace knitting….have yet to do anything yet though:(

  475. Sandy W Avatar
    Sandy W

    It would be great to have a copy of this new book. I have been knitting more lace over the past year. Most of it has been in scarves and fingerless mitts. Thanks!

  476. Miko Avatar

    i mostly knit lace shawls but i’ve also knit a lace garment before. there’s something very soothing about the repetition in lace.

  477. Odessa Avatar

    I’m really just getting into lace, so this would be awesome to have.

  478. Janice Avatar

    I’m not sure I’ve met lace that I didn’t like. I tend to gravitate to the complicated, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that I prefer more challenging lace patterns.

  479. Heather N Avatar

    I think my favorite type of lace to knit at the moment has to be fingering weight lace. I have yet to do one, but I have a huge amount of tencel/wool yarn that I am waiting for that perfect project to knit it with and I am totally going to do lace! So I like the heavier weighted lace (even dk).

  480. Hyena In Petticoats Avatar

    I love the look of this book – I think it’s due time for a stitch dictionary to make it into my house….

    I’m not sure if your giveaway is US only, but I thought I’d drop in and say hello anyway – thanks for all the amazing patterns!

    Leah xx

  481. Liz Avatar

    I love to knit triangular lace shawls the most. I’m loving all of the new crescent shaped shawls as well.