Victory is mine!

AH-HA! I finally found the USB memory card reader for the digital camera we have, AND found the driver I needed to download for it to work with my iPhoto. So now there shall be photos – tomorrow, when I have time to resize the pictures and figure out how to make pop-ups. Now I don’t have to spend money on that camera (although maybe I will for, say, Christmas).

In knitting, nothing special is going on. I’m almost done one sleeve of the ribby, and it feels so nice. Yay! Not a stitch of anything else.

Joyce – my Cotton-Ease came courtesy of my family when they were in the States in July. They went to Michael’s after not being able to find it at Wal-Mart, and it was on clearance for $2 per skein!! They got me 6 skeins of black and 5 of blueberry – it’s too bad they didn’t think to get extra since it was on sale. There is this one website,, which sells Cotton-Ease for pretty cheap. I was thinking of ordering some from them, except for that little fact that I don’t have a credit card. If you ever want to combine shipments from them, let me know!






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