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It’s snowing fantastically today, moreso because I’m nice and cozy in my nice warm home! I’m finally getting back to the home dyepot, after months of inactivity (and just keeping the dyeing to the store’s studio). I don’t have the lentils I need at the moment to make a big pot of soup, so instead i”m cooking wool.

Perfect knitting for right now? Socks.

socks in Ultramerino

Thicker, cozy socks out of Ultramerino 6 on 3.25 mm needles. Dude, those are some fast socks. Top-down, 48 sts, eye of partridge heel flap, 3×1 rib. Comfort knitting.

What are you doing for cozy comfort lately?






8 responses to “ultramerino love”

  1. Felicia Avatar

    I do agree with you about socks being comfort knitting. Socks are usually my easy knitting of choice. Even patterns on a sock are easily memorized. But right now, my comfort knitting is some charity mittens. Are these part of your Christmas knitting list?

  2. Wanett Avatar

    I knit a knock off Keri Russell hat. We had been having some heating issues so most of the hat was knit while under a pile of blankets =)

  3. jaya Avatar

    I’d have to agree that socks are comforting. Right now, I’m getting ready to start a pair for a Christmas gift (let’s not point out that I have less than 2 weeks to pull it off, okay?) ;)

  4. Esther Avatar

    im kniting a blanket right now and its so great because as it gets longer and bigger it acutally covers my body as i knit. its great for the cold weather :)

  5. Becky Avatar

    Laura, is one skein of the Ultramerino 6 enough for a pair of socks? Littleknits has some on sale, but I see that one skein is only 247 yards. At $17.00 a skein, that’s either a good price for a pair of socks (if you only need 1 skein), or really expensive (if you need 2 skeins).

  6. Charlotte Avatar

    Hi Laura, beautiful socks. My question is the same as Becky’s. How much yarn do you need for a pair of these wonderful socks?

  7. Dr. Steph Avatar

    Pretty socks. I’m doing socks for comfort of my brain (ie I don’t need to use it) or bohus because it’s so soft.

  8. Red Avatar

    Scarves and hats (Ela’s favorite hat from One Skein Wonders) are my comfort knitting, especially with Malabrigo or Manos del Uruguay. Both so soft and colorful.

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