Twist on my 26th!

It’s my 26th birthday, and as a great birthday present the new Twist Collective fall 2010 is up and I have a sweater in it – Cityscape!

Knitting this sweater filled my May, and it is so very awesome to see it all done up fancy modeled by the always adorable Mary-Heather. All photos by Jamie Dixon (and aren’t they great?).

Cityscape Cardigan

Cityscape Cardigan

This cardigan is knit in the round and steeked, but never fear – this was my very first steek, and I’m delighted to report that while a little bit scary, it was actually very easy!

Cityscape Cardigan

I first had the idea for this sweater back in the winter, and knit it up quickly for myself in grey and blue Dream in Color (photos another day of that one). Then I decided to submit it to Twist, and knit it up again in the fab Blue Moon BFL Sport.

Won’t you pick up a copy from Twist?



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51 responses to “Twist on my 26th!”

  1. Kathy Maurin Avatar
    Kathy Maurin

    Laura, this is an adorable sweater!!! I’ve never steeked before and the thought of it is quite traumatizing, LOL! This may be just the one to get me to do it though. Great job and Happy Birthday!!

  2. Amy Avatar

    Oh, I just have to have that. I’m starting a job with the city planning department this fall and this sweater would go over well there.

  3. lyn Avatar

    Happy Birthday and congratulations on yet another fab pattern :-)

  4. Cyndi Avatar

    A very clever and cute design! Love it!

  5. Dee Avatar

    Its one of my favourite patterns from the whole issue – and that’s saying something, because its a spectacularly good issue!!!

  6. Julie Avatar

    a) Happy birthday!! I hope it is a lovely day.
    b) THANK YOU for making such a lovely cardigan in extended sizes. I can’t tell you how happy that makes my fat self. ;D

  7. --Deb Avatar

    Happy birthday, and Cityscape is beautiful!

  8. Drop Stitches Not Bombs Avatar

    What a magical and imaginative design! My mother is an architectural historian, so this would be rather an excellent present for her, if I could bring myself to give it away! That’s going straight in my queue.

  9. Ivana Avatar

    I definitely will! I browsed Twist this morning, and it was one of the two designs that I put on my to-make list with three exclamation points next to it immediately! :) Happy birthday! :)

  10. Cal Avatar

    Oh how sweet! It’s given me a great idea, mainly because of the ‘Delft’ colors. I’ll make something in the same colour scheme, but adapt the houses to look like Amsterdam/Leiden ones for my sister-in-law in the Netherlands.
    Thank you for showing us your photos!!

  11. CAT Avatar

    Happy Birthday! I just bought that pattern! Being a city girl, loved it as soon as I saw it.

  12. Mags Avatar

    Happy birthday! And congratulation on your inclusion in Twist. I love the concept :D

  13. connie Avatar

    Laura, I *love* this. It’s so wearable and clever! When I have time to knit for myself, I’m going to try this…although this is kind of scary for me – colorwork, steeking, yikes! The result is too cute though! Congrats :)

  14. connie Avatar

    Oh, and happy birthday!

  15. Jessimuhka Avatar

    It’s awesome! Looking forward to knitting this one.

  16. whitney Avatar

    Happy Birthday!

    I absolutely adore this cardigan! I’ve always thought that a cityscape would look super cool on the yoke of a sweater, so I love that you actually made that a reality! I am really going to have to make time to knit this one.

  17. larisakay Avatar

    Adorable! A great rendition of the sweater technique into an urban style.

  18. mafaldaah Avatar

    I’ve just bought your pattern this morning, it will be my first project for this fall :-)
    I just have to choose the yarn.
    Happy Birthday !

  19. oldcinderella Avatar

    Happy Birthday! Love this sweater.

  20. yvette Avatar

    So beautiful! But me not steeking. No way.

  21. mary mcmahon Avatar
    mary mcmahon

    Laura this is a great design….very fresh. Mary in Cincinnati

  22. missfee Avatar

    Love the cardie – and Happy Birthday – hope you have a great day

  23. Danielle Avatar

    Happy birthday! This sweater is fantastic!

  24. Imogen Avatar

    What a stunning sweater. I’m itching to cast it on. *eyes overflowing pile of WIPs*

  25. yoel Avatar

    Happy bday! The cardigan is wonderful!

  26. Siga Avatar

    Love this cardi! And a very happy birthday to you!

  27. Elizabeth Avatar

    I adore this sweater. What a great idea!! Congratulations and happy birthday!

  28. Red Avatar

    Love this concept! Congratulations on both accounts!

  29. Mary Anne Avatar
    Mary Anne

    And I thought that Twist appeared on August 1 because it was MY birthday—happy shared birthday, Laura! And, I love love Cityscape!

  30. Seanna Lea Avatar

    This is the first sweater I saw from this issue of Twist that I decided I need to make. I may need to find another yarn for it, depending on how pricy the Blue Moon is versus the alternatives.

  31. grumperina Avatar

    Very unique design, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! I bet it knits up quickly in the round, makes for perfect mindless knitting. Congratulations, and happy birthday!

  32. Eva Avatar

    This was my favorite pattern from the new issue! And it’s an issue FULL of great patterns. I think I have the perfect stash yarn for this…whee!

    And happy 26th!

  33. Yarnhog (Suzanne) Avatar

    Happy Birthday!

    The sweater is awesome. :)

  34. Penny Avatar

    Happy Birthday! :)

    I am desperately in love with this and am definitely going to make it…once I’ve finished up a few things. I hav bought the pattern though, and am planning! I’ve decided to make a jumper, not a cardigan though, as I’m horrible at button bands. Thanks, another great pattern! :)

  35. kerry Avatar

    Happy Birthday to another knitter born 8/1! I loved the cardigan the minute I saw it, and it might just tempt me to try steeking for the first time.

  36. Mary Avatar

    Wow! What a great sweater! I love it!

    A belated Happy Birthday too.

  37. tina Avatar

    super-cute!!! In my queue! Happy Birthday!

  38. Knittripps Avatar

    Cool new sweater! Congratulations!

  39. Maryse Avatar

    Congratulations! Happy birthday!

  40. sil Avatar

    Happy birthday! I hope you have/had a lovely time.

    The sweater is adorable and I may just be tempted to steek in order to knit one up. Lovely.

  41. Ellen Bloom Avatar

    LOVE the sweater design. Mary Heather makes a perfect model for this creation!!! When will you post it on Ravelry?
    Happy Birthday!

  42. Denise L. Avatar
    Denise L.

    Happy birthday! I have an August birthday as well, but my 26th was almost 22 years ago. (Yikes, I feel old!) Lovely pattern, as per usual — congratulations!

  43. Debbie Avatar

    Lovely sweater! Happy Birthday!

  44. Jessica Avatar

    Congratulations, Laura! You’ve not only been published in Twist, you’ve designed a very clever and beautiful cardigan. So happy to see you get more recognition!

  45. Laughingrat Avatar

    That really is a very clever, cute sweater.

  46. yarndancer Avatar

    Lovely sweater!! It’s so clever and beautiful!! Hope you had a lovely birthday :)

  47. veganprimate Avatar

    I saw that sweater in Twist yesterday, and I thought it was just the most creative thing I have seen in a long time. It’s one of those things that people don’t think of, but once you see it, you think, “Of course! That’s the perfect idea for a sweater yoke. Why didn’t I think of it?”

  48. Julie Matthews Avatar

    I absolutely ADORE this. Brilliant work. Thanks for sharing your talent with our world!

  49. Kelly Avatar

    Happy belated birthday! I knew there was a good reason I gravitate to your designs. We share the same birthday! Although there are 14 years separating us!

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