Twist Collective Fall 2014: Roxton

The fall issue of Twist Collective is out and I have a new pullover pattern in it!

RoxtonPhoto: Twist Collective

Roxton is a simply shaped raglan pullover worked seamlessly from the bottom up. The fun stitch pattern uses a combination of dropped stitches and twisted stitches. I knit this sweater in about 3 weeks in April!

Here’s my original sketch…


…and swatch. Unfortunately I don’t think I took any photos of the sweater before I sent it off, whoops.


The neck ribbing is shaped with short rows, so it’s deeper in the back.

Roxton Photo: Twist Collective

There are a few stockinette stitches on each side, to make it easy to keep track of your lace repeats. If you want to add waist shaping, it’s the perfect place to work some decreases and increases.

RoxtonPhoto: Twist Collective

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  1. Melissa Avatar

    It’s very cute! I absolutely love the stitch!

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