Not a very creative title, but there you have it.

I’m currently in the JCR (Junior Common Room) of University College, which is extremely crowded – very likely because of the rain. Anyway, I finally received something in the mail! Not my yarn (arghhh…but it could still come today) but the Ben Folds piano transcription book I ordered a few weeks ago. I haven’t had much time to play, but since I don’t have anything tomorrow until 5, I’ll probably play a lot then. Yay piano. Oh, and I got my refund from school today.

Knitting wise, I worked on my aunt’s mini-charlotte a bit yesterday, as well as my mum’s handwarmers. I’ve got the main part of one hand done (not the thumb) and have started the second one. Mmmmm, kersti is soooo squishy and nice. I also worked on my Must Have in front of the tv last night, and I’ve got a good amount of the sleeve done. I’ve pretty much memorized the pattern – it’s easy to see where I am in the central panel. So now it’s going faster since I don’t need to refer to the pattern, and I’ve got my cabling without a cable needle down.

Pictures tonight – could be late, because I’m going to see Team America with Kelly. Fitting night to see it, no? If you’re an american, go vote! Pssttt….vote Kerry.






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