Well, I’m clearly keepin’ on with the cable/rib, despite any weird overspun yarn.

That’s one completed front, two half-done sleeves, and the start of the second front. I did discover that none of the other skeins had as much variation in colour as the one I used for the first front, so I’m alternating a fresh skein with what’s left of the skein (about 1/4 to 1/3) from the first front. The second sleeve doesn’t seem to be as crooked as the first, so that’s positive.

I’m just about ready to give up my old Olympus digicam, although I’m so used to how it takes photos that it might sneak in a bit here and there. I took another photo using the new camera (Sony Cybershot) of that cabled yarn I did a little bit back. Yay macro.

And I’ve got some new yarn, too – my first skein of bluefaced leicester (biffle!). It’s one ply of green, one of white, and I really like it.

I’ve got a whole bunch of bfl being dyed up at the moment, so I should have lots of yummy fibre to show soon. Oh, and the black vneck is done too; it just needs to be blocked before it’s presentable.






6 responses to “tuesday”

  1. Karma Avatar

    Those cables are absolutely beautiful. Nice picture!

  2. KnitPasatis Avatar

    I am glad to hear that you are going on ahead with this cabled sweater. I love how this cable pattern is coming out on the front panels. I also have the Sony Cybershot camera and just now started getting the hang of it…I think. Too many features for so many types of photos.

  3. jillian Avatar

    Funny thing, a couple weeks ago I was flipping through past knit mags and I keyed in on that cable-rib jacket in VK…and then I see you’re doing it! It is a lovely pattern – I thought “cabley, but not TOO cabley” and with a modern fit. I can’t wait to see how yours turns out in that yummy yummy yarn :)

  4. Chris Avatar

    Wow, those cables really pop in that yarn!

  5. Julia Avatar

    You are so impressive. Your biffle (new word for me) is really nice, I like that it looks kinda tweedy. Bet it knits up really cute.

  6. caroline Avatar

    Wow, girl! those cables, that color.. it’s going to be beautiful on you.

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