try, try again

Thanks for all the comments on the Tree Jacket! I really do love the way it turned out – and I think the contrasting yarn really ended up a good thing.

Meanwhile, I’ve got very little knitting to show at the moment, for some reason. I’m always knitting, but right now it just feels like nothing’s really working, you know? Not really in the groove.

Case in point, Imogen [Rav link].

Imogen, again

Yarn is Dream in Color Classy, in Black Parade – much more blue in real life, not so brown. It’s working up really, really nicely. However…I knit up a whole ball (250 yards) before snapping out of the delusion that the sizing would work out at my gauge (which is quite different from the pattern). So I ripped the whole thing out and started again.

I probably should’ve done a provisional cast on this time, but I just don’t learn. So I’ll have to pick out my cast on edge later – oh well. The good thing is, I knit up that whole ball in just about one day…so I think I’ll be able to get back on track right quick!

Non-knitting, but cool, last night I went to Nathan Phillips Square (where City Hall is located here in Toronto, for those who don’t know) for “Wintercity”, which is a new winter festival. Saw some very cool trampoline stuff!

Two Olympic trampolinists:

the flying canucks

One snowboarder, and one skier (Jeff Bean – some might remember him as the dude that lost both of his skis midair during the Torino Olympics):

the flying canucks

And when it got dark, there was a huge “nights of fire” sculptural exhibit featuring, you guessed it, a whole lot of fire.

fire sphere

fire sculpture

(Great photo-taking fodder.)



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8 responses to “try, try again”

  1. Natalie Avatar

    Oh man, that’s a lot of fire! And as much as you are enjoying seeing my trip, it’s nice to see home too!

  2. naomi Avatar

    Olympic trampolinists?!? That is awesome.

    And yay for fire sculptures.

  3. Not an Artist Avatar

    Ooh, love the dream in colour (its just a matter of time before I succumb and buy a whole lot) and the amazing photos of the fire show in Nathan Philip square. Wow!

  4. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    Oh, yikes. I don’t watch the Olympics, so I can only wonder what happens when you lose both skis midair and then have to land. Was he hurt?

  5. Shannon Avatar

    Oh that fire sculpture stuff is so cool. We had it here in Oxford (UK) last year in March for several days.

  6. Seanna Lea Avatar

    It always looks like there is so much to do in Toronto! I’m sure there are an equally large number of things to do in Boston, but I’ve been here long enough that I just gloss over the things to do and go about my business.

  7. Noah James Avatar

    my kids just love to jump around on trampolines and they are sort of addicted to it.`~*

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