today’s the day

As a non-American, obviously I can’t vote! But whoever governs the US has a huge impact on the entire world (much as I hate to admit it).

So, my American readers and friends, get out there and VOTE! Make record turnout numbers! Wear your stickers proudly (sorry to those who voted early or is it absentee?, I know you don’t get stickers!).

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, because I’m certainly not going to change anyone’s mind at this point.

But I think you know what to do.

Perimeter skirt - joining ridge

Coming up – another new pattern! Whoa.






18 responses to “today’s the day”

  1. Hayley Avatar

    I voted early, they gave me a sticker – I saved it to wear today, because I am a dork who loves voting.

  2. mary Avatar

    That is so cool that you’re a Canadian cousin but still encouraging people to vote! I can vote early with my absentee ballot, but like to bring it in just so I can get my sticker and wear it with pride!

  3. Jocelyn Avatar

    That new pattern teaser looks very promising. My guess is that it’s the skirt.

  4. Melissa Avatar

    I’m hoping that’s the skirt pattern!

    By the way, I’ve been reading your posts in my feed reader so I haven’t seen your new blog design until today–I love it!

  5. Lynn Avatar

    I also voted early and was surprised when they gave me a sticker! I think I must have looked and sounded like a gleeful little kid, I was so surprised! Unfortunately, the stick is already worn out!

  6. Jessy Avatar

    I early voted & wore my sticker that day.
    Some states include a sticker for absentee ballots. I wish mine did, it’d have made my DAY when I was absentee voting to get a sticker too XD

  7. Sherry Avatar

    I noticed when I was in Victoria, BC a billboard for Obama. I thought that was strange. I guess it was for the US tourists.

    I voted at the polls (last time as next election my state will be 100% mail-in) and I am wearing my sticker even though I am sitting at home nervously waiting for election results.

    Go Obama!!

  8. Emily Avatar

    You make a good point about what we do affecting the rest of the world. I think people tend to forget about that, and it makes me especially angry when I hear Americans whining about how they don’t “like” this or that candidate and don’t want to vote because they wouldn’t feel good about their vote. Our policies affect so many more people outside the US than in the US, it’s really more about how the election results will impact them, where you (general you here) are happy with your voting choices.

  9. sari Avatar

    so not fair, i did not get a sticker.
    but i voted this morning at 7:15 and have spent the rest of the day anxiously waiting the outcome… only 9 more hours until the last polling places close.

  10. Kristin Avatar

    Maybe if they gave out stickers here in Canada more people would vote.

  11. Knittripps Avatar

    My husband and I did the early voting thing. I’m looking forward to staying up late (knitting) and watching the election results roll in.

  12. […] blogs reminding you, which just goes to show it doesn’t just affect us Yanks. Go here, here, here, and then GO […]

  13. Emily Avatar

    Here in Chicago, you don’t get stickers at all… just lame little paper receipts. The people in the suburbs get stickers! It’s unfair… but I vote nonetheless.

  14. Mel Avatar

    I voted this morning. I wore my sticker with pride. I’m well aware that US politics will be felt in the rest of the world. There was an article on Yahoo about how the world is going to celebrate if Obama wins. I stood in line for an hour, not bad compared to some waits.

  15. gleek Avatar

    yay! i totally want to knit that skirt in the spring :)

  16. Debbie Avatar

    WoW! What an exciting, historic night. I’m thrilled! I can’t wait on your new pattern.

  17. Cobbalicious Avatar

    I voted early and got my sticker and sweated it out until Tueday night — and then PARRRTIED! Sweet, isn’t it? Now we just have to hold his feet to the fire.

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