In lieu of the rest post, where I put up photos of the completed Bubble sweater (which I’ve worn twice already!)…

This morning I forced myself awake, got dressed for work and was just about ready to go when…I knocked over a big glass of water which was on my desk, which then shattered at my feet, cutting one of them. Luckily no glass was embedded, and I had left lots of time to get to work. I picked up the big pieces, paper toweled up the water, and vacuumed – I vacuumed again when I got home. Stupid, stupid. Plastic cups from now on.

New yarn – I bought a bag of O-wool Balance, which is 50% organic wool, 50% organic cotton goodness. I can’t find a picture of the colour, but it’s a tweedy dark plummy rose. I’m planning on doing a simple top-down wrap (typo: crap) sweater out of it. Now – no more yarn buying till the Knitter’s Frolic, which is one month from now.

Tons of projects in progress and papers to write, too. I’d better get on that!

6 Responses to “tidbits”

  1. lisa

    sounds like your morning didn’t go as planned. sorry to hear that.

    hope your day ended better than it started.

  2. May

    I’m sorry to hear that you hurt your foot. I hope you feel better soon. And thanks for the reminder about Knitter’s Frolic!

  3. Glenna

    Hi Laura! I just wanted to stop in and say hello – I’ve seen you briefly at Lettuce Knit but not managed to chat much in person. My sister has been ogling your Thermal pattern and is looking forward to knitting it when she gets a few things off her queue ;)

  4. Thalia

    Ouch! I hope your foot is healing up nicely. Ouch ouch ouch.

    I have not laid hands on the yarn you are writing about, but it sounds *wonderful*! Mmmmm…!


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