three steps back

Okay, I lied about the whole cardi picture thing. But it’ll happen soon, really.

You know that sock picture I posted the last time? Well, I really should’ve taken pictures of this, but I ripped out that entire cuff. It was a tad too small. So now I’m working on 68 stitches with a long-tail cast-on, and I’ve got about four inches back. I’ve also decided that I’m not going to do a normal heel flap – they’re too square for me. So short-row it is.

Oh, and I sort of finished Betty. I was in a hurry to get it done, so I didn’t really do all the finishing that qould be required for it to actually be worn outside the house. It needs the elastic in the waist and the hook and eye tape, and the slides weren’t working because the straps were too thick, so it they aren’t adjustible. Ah well.

Pictures later.






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