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I just finished the second handwarmer for my mom, so now I just need to weave in the ends – I’ll probably leave that for awhile, though. Right now it’s just about getting all the major knitting done.

I am SO making this hat: Phoebe. I’ll use Manos – I can get gauge on 5mm dpns. It’s got great colour like the Noro and I can actually wear it on my skin. Therefore, I might do the hat first from that second skein, and then use what is left over to finish up the scarf. Ta-da, no leftovers!

Elann’s Highland Wool is even CHEAPER now because of the strong dollar! When I bought mine on tuesday it was $2.75, now it’s $2.70! It’s damn tempting – I need some yarn for a scarf for my dad…and maybe a hat/scarf/mitten set for me. I’ll wait, though (and this time I’ll actually do it). At least until next payday or so.

I’m being terribly unproductive today. I’ve been sitting at my computer for hours at a time, but I’m not actually doing anything. And now I want to go watch Good Will Hunting, really just for the shots of UofT!

On tap for dinner – roasted tomato baked pasta and possibly scalloped potatoes, from one of the milk calendars. I can hardly wait.

a little later: Project Pictures from SnB Nation! oh, and a random thought, so I can get it down – I think I’d like to make some stockings out of the black JaggerSpun Zephyr I’ve got. Anyone seen any patterns?






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