things on my bed

(Sorry for the case of the blurry-hands. I seem to have that today.)

Top, from left: package from eBay containing an iPod hard drive; boyfriend and I attempted surgery on his iPod tonight (prognosis: not good, but there is hope). Titbit in progress. Yarn for design (pretty!). Random skein of handspun that I brought upstairs from where it was hanging out in the living room.

Bottom, from left: New body of Raspy, looking much more reasonable in size (and still so soft and quick-going and thus, satisfying). Pattern. EZ’s Knitting Around (Adrian’s Moccasin Sock looks so great! I think I need to make them too…), a Lindt chocolate, and a row counter, which belongs to Raspy.

I seem to be in a buying mood lately – and there’s only so much I can say is “happy birthday to me”! (My 22nd birthday is on the first of august, in case anyone wanted to send me anything…)

I started thinking about how nice a thin, stretchy but warm black sweater would be. Blue Sky Alpaca! Mmmmmm.

And then I went by the Big R to buy a needle, and found this in the sale room:

It’s Phildar aran weight cotton/acrylic, in a fabulous olive green. I have the hardest time finding this colour, and I love it. It was $6.35 a ball…and then I found out they were having a sale, 20% off everything including sale yarn. Dangerous. I managed not to buy anything else.

More yarn is in the mail, too. Oy. I also kind of want to try this new Knitpicks yarn (there are other new ones too, including a superwash worsted wool). And with all the talk about the Options needles, I’ve been wanting to try those. After all, if they can convert a die hard Denise girl (which I am, as well), they must be pretty good!






10 responses to “things on my bed”

  1. Steph Avatar

    That wool silk yarn looks nice. Maybe I’ll use it for a sub for that lovely red stuff you have.

  2. Stacey Avatar

    Oh – more new knitpicks stuff! They are coming out with tons! I’m a die hard Deniser too – I admit I looooove the knitpicks needles….sigh….

  3. Lissa Avatar

    Oh, oh, oh! That Blue Sky Alpaca is my favorite…

  4. Gina Avatar

    New KnitPicks yarn! Thanks for the information. I love my KP Options needles. Love them.

  5. Amy Avatar

    I was at Romni last week and I got a very beautiful, very expensive hank of Fleece Artist and some Manos and was ever so pleasantly surprised to discover that it was 20% off!

  6. Julia Avatar

    Haha! I’ve been doing the same thing since my birthday! (July 7th). I ordered myself several new craft books, two bags of yarn: Burgundy Jaeger Aran and Rowan Yorkshire Tweed in Maze (both discounted, mind you) and a couple of other goo-gaws and whats-its. I *think* my birthday is over now…

  7. anne Avatar

    new knitpicks yarn!? what are you doing to me!!!

  8. dennymcmillan Avatar

    hi I’m giving myself a lesson in “leaving comments”.
    It should’nt be hard,I know, but I’m stund.(did I spell that right?)

    luv denny

  9. Rachel Avatar

    I heart KNITPICKS! Going to order quite a bit today! The Phildar looks yummy! What are you going to make?

  10. Jen Avatar

    how inspired…i’m so excited to start buying yarn again!

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