there are projects all over

But I still want to start something new! I believe this is the knitters’ affliction known as “startitis”.

I am almost finished one new sweater though! (Photographing the colour remains elusive.)

top down sweater

And I started another sweater that’s plainish, but the yarn is pretty captivating (Sweetgeorgia Superwash Sport in Ginger)

sweetgeorgia superwash sport in ginger

I just keep flitting from project to project, never quite settling on one thing, but I still want to start a pile of new things! I currently have at least 5 sweaters on the needles, plus socks and some random accessories. Whew. I’d better keep knitting.



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14 responses to “there are projects all over”

  1. Ivana Avatar

    That ginger colour is lovely, no wonder you couldn’t resist it :)

  2. Firefly Avatar

    Lovely looking things you’ve got going there! Can’t wait to see your FO’s.
    I can’t stay ‘on task’ either ^v^. Have just cast on a dress for a granddaughter, a cardi for me and Hagrid’s Motorcycle socks (for someone?). And I’m thinking about a fair isle hat — but it scares me ^v^.

  3. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I’m with you. Something about the last two or three weeks has thrown me in a tizzy of new knits. I don’t have quite that many new sweaters on the needles, but I definitely have at least 5 in the works. I, too, will keep knitting!

  4. Vanessa Townley Avatar

    I seem to have a ton on the needles from new design work to winter warmths i must have about 10 things on the needles and a bunch of projects i want to start for winter and christmas knitting. With my new pattern writing job though i don’t seem to have enough time to knit the things i’d want to. :) I think it may be Karma lol!! x

  5. KateinIowa Avatar

    Good to hear I’m not the only one who starts many projects before others are done. What is it about a fresh start that enchants us so?

  6. Karen Stevens Avatar
    Karen Stevens

    Holy smokes!!!!! that first sweater is fantastic, and the color just burns into my brain. Can’t wait to see it all finished!!

  7. Jan Avatar

    My limit for knitting seems to be a shawl, socks, and a cardigan, all on the needles at the same time. This is exactly what happens to me in restaurants, when I’m eyeing another diner’s dessert, right after ordering bread pudding. Everything ELSE always looks delicious.

  8. Norma Avatar

    I’ve been suffering from a bout of startitis myself. Most recent cast-on….the Just Enough Ruffles scarf in addition to a pair of socks and a sweater for my husband and itching to start one for myself as well. Of course I should really finish that entrelac blanket and the neckwarmer I started a while ago, not to mention the two shawls and the afghan. Yeah…I’ve got a really bad case!!!

  9. noddingviolets Avatar

    I am so pleased that I am not the only one who starts lots of projects at the same time. I really should finish some. I love the ginger colour.

  10. allison Avatar

    Blame it on the impending onset of fall! That sweater is beautiful, and I can’t wait to see the whole thing :)

  11. Maryse Avatar

    I am so resisting right now. I would love to cast on something new but I have to wait until at least Thermal is all knitted (I don’t say finished!!!) Your current projects yarn and colors are beautiful as always! Look forward to seeing the final product! Good work!

  12. Bee Avatar

    I absolutely love the color of the yarn and the small details on the sweaters. They are swoon worthy!

  13. Cassy Avatar

    Lovely ginger color. I am also afflicted with startitis. Grrrrrrrrr.

  14. Carol LaForet Avatar

    Just wanted to say that I love your website.

    I just finished your top down, botton-less cardigan. It’s great, and the pattern was really clear and simple.

    In fact, since an order of delicious plummy yarn arrived at my doorstep today, I’ve already started a second one. After all, I have two daughters and a niece – and Christmas is coming.

    Thanks, Laura, for such a good pattern.

    Carol LaForet

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