the yarn, the yarn!

I went to a total of 3 yarn stores in the 6 days I was in NYC, and I just bought a wee bit of yarn. From School Products, some interesting fingering weight marled merino from Italy – they had a knit sample up and it felt and looked great.

italian merino

Also from School Products, some lovely cashmere tweed. I don’t normally buy yarns like this (it’s very loosely plied and kinda lumpy-bumpy) but it’s just so soft. I wish I could’ve bought a sweater’s worth!

cashmere tweed

At Purl Soho, I found most of the yarns were ones that I could get elsewhere easily, and I certainly couldn’t buy Koigu! (They’re from Ontario, a few hours away from me.) So what does that leave? Shelter, of course!


It was tough to narrow down to a couple of colours, but I think these will make a great scarf or big cowl.

I didn’t get much knitting done while I away since I was just walking around all the time (or eating, heh). But on the plane and while waiting I started a simple cowl, out of some Socks that Rock Silkie from the stash. The colourway is “Walking on the Wild Tide” and it was a sock club yarn from a few years ago. This is knitting purely for the knitting, which I don’t get to do that much these days! It’s just a simple yo, ssk pattern that spirals around. I think this is going in the basket of knitted gifts for birthdays and even Christmas this year. Preplanning!

simple spiraling cowl

Stay tuned, this week I have a new pattern and a stash sale coming up!



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5 responses to “the yarn, the yarn!”

  1. Erin Kate Avatar

    So pretty! I’m planning a yarn run in NYC this saturday. Can’t wait to check them out!

  2. Bex Avatar

    Yay, yarn. Are you using only one hank of the Socks that Rock? I have a colorway that is so strange I don’t know what to do with it, but this seems like such a smart thing, but I only have one hank.

  3. Elizabeth Avatar

    I hope you let us know how you like Shelter. I’m definitely interested in trying it out. Guess I’ll have to mail order though, since it doesn’t seem to be available in Canada–yet.

  4. Brandi Avatar

    I looooove me some cashmere and I’m lucky enough to have some goats to produce it. Hadn’t thought of doing a tweedy yarn maybe I’ll try it.

  5. janette Avatar

    Hi Laura

    If your going to Leeds you may want to take a short trip over to Huddersfeild and go to rowan yarns it’s outside of huddersfeild in homfirth you go to lockwood and then take Huddersfeild rd and that takes you in to homfirth
    Have a nice trip you will love west yorkshire I was born there in huddersfeild but have not been back

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